Wedding Fairs and how they can help you plan your wedding

Budget Bride Live Wedding Fairs
 Photo Credit: Keith Bloomfield via photopin cc


Once the news has been announced that you and your beau are getting married, the cards have been displayed and the champagne has been quaffed, the time will come for you to get on with the actual planning of your wedding.
Some people are born planners. They live to organise a party, they are the ones putting their hands up to sort the next work night out or to host a pampered chef evening. But some of us find it a little more tricky!
Organising a wedding can be like planning one of the biggest parties that you will ever hold (dependant on the type of do you are planning, of course!) and that can be a daunting task. That’s where Wedding Fairs come in. These events can be a fantastic opportunity to meet with lots of wedding suppliers all under one roof in a non-pressurised environment.
I for one, always need to compare and contrast what is on offer to me, before I make a move. So with that in mind, here are my top five reasons for why attending a wedding fair is definitely worth your while…


1. BIG time save! The chance to meet lots of wedding suppliers under one roof means way less time traipsing round lots of different towns or spending hours on tonnes of different websites trying to locate different suppliers for each element of your wedding. Going to a well organised wedding fair will mean that you can see a selection of different specialists for every part of your wedding under one roof, usually with a time investment of under a couple of hours on your part.


2. You get to meet your supplier in person. This is a big trust builder and can definitely be the tipping point between choosing one wedding supplier over another. Does the florist just *get* what you are trying to achieve? Does the photographer have a style which is perfectly in line with the look you are going for? It can be a fabulous opportunity to see if your supplier is on your wavelength.


3. The chance to get tactile… Seeing a wedding invitation online is one thing, but turning it over in your hand, feeling the weight of the card and the quality of the materials can make it much easier to make those tricky decisions on which products you want to commit to.


4. Deals and Offers. You will often find that suppliers have fantastic offers available to those who make a booking on the day of the Fair. Take advantage of any discounts offered and you may find yourself shaving a hefty chunk from your allowed budget.


5. Ticking the boxes… Taking your your best friend with you to a wedding fair is a surefire way to get an honest opinion on whether something is going to work – or not. Listen to the advice of the suppliers and that of your BFF and you can start ticking a few of those to do tasks from your list.


Our Budget Bride Live Wedding Fairs are completely free to attend when you pre-register. We ensure that there is a fantastic spread of different supplier types for you to chat with. Coupled with a goody bag and a glass of fizz when you arrive, it really is a great way to start off your wedding planning.
Our next Fairs are running in the East Midlands region at The Eden Centre in Kettering on Sunday 2nd February from 3pm to 7pm and at The Ruby Lounge at Diana’s  in Wellingborough on Sunday 16th February from 11am to 3pm.
The Budget Bride Team are always on hand in the Reception Area at any of our venues to have a chat with you and help you with any wedding planning questions you might have!
There are a wealth of wedding fairs that run throughout the year , make the most of those running locally to you and have a fun day out to really get into planning your wedding with experts who can really help 🙂
Laura xo