Wedding Day Survival Kit

Wedding Day Survival Kit 101

Wedding Day Survival Kit

So, after all of your planning and preparations, your wedding day has finally arrived!! You will want to enjoy every single moment of the day from when you open your peepers in the morning, right through until when you collapse at the end of the day with your newly wed darling! To ensure that you get as much enjoyment as possible out of the day, I would highly recommend putting together a wedding day survival kit, which you and your bridesmaids can have easy access to on the wedding day and can be transferred from home to venue easily.

This survival kit will keep you refreshed and feeling on top of things throughout the day and should be full of those necessities which will give you a quick pep when you feel like you might be flagging… Assign the responsibility of looking after this kit and stashing it in a safe place with your Maid of Honour and then you can ask for various items from it as and when you need them throughout the day.

Below is an excerpt from our 30 Day Plan Your Own Wedding Course and what I have recommended to stash in your wedding day survival kit!

Wedding Day Survival Kit

♥     Spray deodorant and perfume

♥     Plasters and blister patches

♥ Spare full set of make-up for touch ups

♥ Hair brush, straighteners or curlers, hair spray, hair grips and hair bands

♥ Fashion tape

♥ A selection of wrapped snacks such as babybel cheeses and granola bars

♥ Toothbrush, toothpaste, mouth wash, mouth freshener and chewing gum

♥ Pairs of flip flops

♥ A spare copy of the Running Order of the Day schedule and of the Main Contacts names and numbers list

♥ Instant ice packs

♥ A present that you might want to give to your Beau at some point on the wedding day

♥ Pens and pencils

♥ Mobile phone charger

♥ Spare stockings if being used

♥ Your house keys in case anybody needs to go back for anything

Good luck packing your wedding day survival kit! What will you be taking in yours? Let us know over on the Facebook Page or tweet us @budgetbrideco!

Laura x


Photo Credit: Danielle Mobbs Photography - Wedding Packages available from £650