Valentines Day Lingerie Offer

Valentines Day Underwear

Photo Credit: Sunchild57 Photography  

If like me, you love treating yourself to the occasional luxury of some beautiful new lingerie, you are going to love this! Debenhams have got a special 15% off sale running on their rather gorgeous designer lingerie between now and Valentines Day 🙂

I love these Valentines Day Lingerie pieces as they come in at very reasonable prices with a bra from Frost French starting from around £14 in the sale and some very alluring boudoir underwear from Janet Reger like the gorgeous embroidered corset which is under £30.

It's a great opportunity to have a little spending spree whilst keeping a tight handle on your budget! For the same reason that I love shopping in designer outlets and TK Maxx, there is something very satisfying about buying something that is wonderful quality but without the completely unjustifiable price tag.


Valentines Day Underwear from Frost French
Valentines Day Underwear from Janet Reger


If you’re looking for more of a Valentines night snuggle with your beau, then there are some really super cosy looking fleecy socks and super cute checked pyjama bottoms.

Snuggle Sock

Whether you’re going for snuggle time or full on flirt time, this is a great place to shop for something that is kind of a Valentines Day Lingerie present for your beau… but also a nice little present to yourself as well 😀

Have fun!

Laura xx