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Twelve smart questions to ask your wedding venue

Wedding Venue

When you’re researching and visiting suitable venues for your wedding, it’s really important to ask the right questions to ensure that you will be getting the best deal and overall option for your wedding venue. It can be easy to be swayed by how gorgeous the wedding venue looks, or a delicious sounding array of menu options for your wedding breakfast but it is super important to remember that this is likely to be the biggest spend of your wedding and not to get carried away! I know, much easier said than done!

I have put together twelve questions below for you to ask your wedding venue when you are going for your show-round. Hopefully these questions will help you to make the best decision when it comes to choosing your wedding venue.

1. Will the price change if we changed the date – off season / mid-week?

Some venues will be able to seriously reduce your wedding venue hire fee if you book your wedding for the Winter or a mid-week date.


2. Do you have a corkage option where we can bring our own booze?

Some wedding venues will allow to you to bring in your own alcohol for a small fee per bottle. This can work out a lot cheaper than the wedding venue supplying all of your alcohol.


3. Can we have access to the venue the day before for decorating?

Are you going to be decorating your wedding venue yourself? Find out if the venue will allow you a few hours the day before to get things set up.


4. What are your charges for additional guests?

Make sure you aren’t stung by high excess number charges.


5. What time do we need to be clear of the venue by on the wedding day?

If it’s important to you that you can party until the small hours, cover off the question before you sign your contract.


6. Do you have any set budget package options?

Sometimes it can work out cheaper to utilize a package offer for your wedding.


7. Do you have any preferential rate agreements with local hotels where our guests will be able to stay?

Your family and friends will thank you if you have been thoughtful enough to wangle them a discount!


8. Do you have a room that the Bridal party can use as a private area on the day of the wedding?

Having a room where you and your bridesmaids can go and take a breather on the day will be a wonderful thing!


9. Do you have any preferred suppliers (photographers, cake makers etc) who we may be able to get preferential rates with?

If you’re starting from scratch, it can be wonderful to have a recommendation for a trusted supplier from your wedding venue.


10. Are we able to bring in our own caterers?

Not all venues will allow external caterers in, but if yours does, this can be a big money saver and give you more flexibility on the type of food you will be serving your guests.


11. Can we throw confetti?

We all love a good confetti shot – but clear it with your venue first! Some wedding venues will only allow natural biodegradable petals for throwing – others none will be allowed at all.


12. Will we be the sole wedding party on the day?

This is a BIG one! If you don’t want to be running into another lady wearing a wedding dress on your big day, check with your venue that you are the only wedding taking place on your chosen date.


Have you booked your venue yet? What questions did you ask to make sure you were making the right choice? Let us know over on the Facebook page!

Laura x


Photography in this post courtesy of Danielle Mobbs