Top Ten Budget Wedding Favour Ideas

I have always been a massive fan of all things keepsake. I still have various shoe boxes filled with cherished items from my childhood and teenage years and opening up the boxes to look at all of the assorted odds and ends from over the years always takes me back and makes me smile! This is one of the main reasons that I love favours… the opportunity to give a little gift to your guests to say thank you for sharing the day with you, and also to give them a reminder of the day in the years to come. Saying that, I am massively partial to a good edible favour – the prettier, the better!

The great thing with many of the favour ideas that we have suggested below, is that they can double up as wedding name place settings, which means you can save even more of your budget to spend on other things…

But, as always, it’s the small things that mount up and when you need to give favours out to lots of guests it’s more important than ever to keep a firm grasp on your budget. Our Top Ten this week is all about budget beautiful Wedding Favours.


1. Show your guests how much you love them – write them a poem! The only limit to this one is your creativity. The poem can be cute, sentimental or funny. You could go one step further and make your poem specific to each of your guests; this is truly a big ‘thank you’ to your friends and family for attending your big day and will give them something really special to remember it by. Get yourself some colourful paper from Hobby Craft or Paperchase to match in with your themes and get writing! For presentation, you can tie the poems up with ribbons, wool or string. Or how about popping them in a tiny glass bottle or folding them into a cute origami heart?

2. Hand painted and varnished pebbles. I love this option as it includes a bit of elbow grease from you (collecting the pebbles – great excuse for a pre wedding weekend away to Brighton?!) but results in a really lovely way to let your guests know where they are seated as well as giving them something to take home as gorgeous keepsake. You can stick to writing your guests name on the top of the pebble and perhaps the wedding date and you and your Husband to Be’s names on the back, or go further and paint pictures or use glitter to add a bit of fun and colour to your wedding breakfast tables.

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3. Sweeties in a beautiful box. This is a good one as you get the best of both worlds – some yummy sweets to eat when you fancy on the wedding day, and a box to take home with you at the end. Check out the lovely gift box options from Wedding Favours Delight. These start from 0.31p per box, so certainly won’t break the back. You can then go to town with what you fill the boxes up with: you could go for delicious home-made fudge or marshmallows, or how about stocking up on jelly beans from your local pick and mix?


4. Following on with the edible theme, muffins are always a firm favourite. Easy to make at home, these cost saving favours are sure to make your guests smile! Invest in some pretty cases and maybe some glitter or coloured sugar and you can make sure your celebratory muffins fit in well with your wedding theme. Make sure they are baked nice and fresh the day before your wedding and once they’re cool, wrap in cellophane (clear or coloured), tie up with some ribbon and you have one tasty budget favour!


5. Giving seeds as a favour is a really nice idea – especially if it’s for something that you know your guests will be able to grow into a tree or maybe a really beautiful flowering plant. This is both symbolic and long lasting. You can buy the seeds from Wilkinsons or your local garden centre and then create your own packaging to ensure your favour matches in with your theme. Alternatively, you can buy the seeds all ready packaged up and printed with your details from £1.20 – I like the ones here:




6. Candle favours can make a great cost effective option. With all of the colours of the rainbow to choose from and the option to package up your candles in boxes or organza bags, or wrapped in string or ribbon, candle favours are a reliable favourite. You can get two tea lights in a presentation bag or box from Partylite for under £2 per person – call Debbie for more information on 07530 484890.


7. Are you having a vintage themed wedding? The favour options with a vintage wedding theme are endless, but I love the idea of giving each of your guests a vintage book that might say something about your wedding, or you and your husband to be, or perhaps about the guest! You can find really inexpensive job lots of old books on ebay, ready for you to tie up with twine and label ready for your wedding guest. If you have plenty of time before your wedding, be sure to trawl some local car boot sales and charity shops, where you will be able to pick up old books for pennies.



8. If you are handy in the kitchen, you could try making up your own jam and sealing in little pots, topped with coloured cloth and tied up with some ribbon or twine. You can add in the guests name on one side of a label and your wedding date on the other side. If you don’t fancy making the jam, why not buy those gorgeous little pots that you always seem to get at B&B’s by the seaside with your breakfast?! You can buy these individually at Morrisons or you can bulk buy on Ebay where I have seen 72 of the TipTree Strawberry jam mini pots for £15 plus P&P. Use patterned material (flowers or gingham would be pretty) to cut into fabric trim tops to go over the jam jar lids. Perfect!

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9. Decorated wine glasses make a fun and pretty budget wedding favour. You can purchase wine or champagne glasses cheaply (get the own brand versions) from Waitrose, Tesco or Matalan. You will need enamel paint and some paintbrushes and then let your imagination do it’s thing! There are some good tutorials on


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10. Button Badges take me straight back to when I was Ten years old and I was given a badge making machine for Christmas! Who doesn’t love a badge to show off on their lapel?! You can create your badges as place settings with your guests names, or how about making a couple of smaller ones for your guests to take home – one with their name and one with a keepsake reference to your wedding day on it? You can buy the machines for under £10 on Amazon and you will probably have to buy a refill pack to ensure you have enough materials to make the badges for all of your guests. You'll have SO much fun making them!


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Happy favour making!

Laura x