The importance of Wedding Mood Boards and how they can help you plan your wedding

Purple Wedding Mood Board

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One of the best things to do when you first get engaged - if not before 😉 - is to create a Mood Board for your ideal wedding.

Mood Boards, also known as Vision Boards, Theme Boards and Inspiration Boards, can be a great way to put together all of those ideals that you have in your mind and to keep all of your favourite images in one place. It’s also an incredibly handy way to convey to your suppliers exactly what it is that you’re after.

We are going to be running a new regular feature on the Blog – Mood Board Mondays – where we will be focusing on a different style or colour theme each week to help kick you off with your wedding mood board planning.


Wedding Mood Board Inspiration

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When you get engaged, it can seem like you have a massive mountain of wedding planning to climb, but by creating your first wedding mood board, you will hone in on that lovely feeling of creating a day that is unique to your tastes and will really show off what you and your partner are about.

Wedding planning can be stressful, I admit it, but the overriding feeling should be FUN – afterall you’re marrying the love of your life 🙂

How you create your mood board is up to you. Do you love the digital? You may want to go down the Pinterest route, like we do. As well as having the entire internet as your playground for searching for wedding eye candy, it is incredibly easy to use, free, and can be amended and refreshed whenever you fancy. Search for exactly what you are after and create your special board to collect all of your inspiration. You can also create secret boards, if you would prefer to keep your wedding themes private, or as a surprise for your guests.


White, Pink and Gold Wedding Mood Board Inspiration


If you are more crafty, and love getting busy with glue and cardboard, then a physical mood board will be a delight for you. Catalogues, glossy magazines, product packaging and swatches of material can be collected and arranged on your board. There is something wonderfully tactile and exciting about creating a mood board that you can actually feel.


Wedding Mood Board

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Another,less structured way of creating a mood board, is to collect all of your swatches and cut outs and keep them in a box. This means that you can play around with the items, seeing which goes well with the other and enabling you to easily take certain items to your suppliers to show them the exact colour, or feeling, that you are after.

There really are no rules, and if you feel most comfortable and inspired by creating your mood board on the fridge door, with lots of magnets – then so be it! The important thing is to have a designated place for you to collect all of your favourite snippets of style. Having a mood board (or box!) can really help you to bring all of your ideas into one place and will clearly tie together your dreams and ideas.

I’d love to hear if you have a mood board in place yet and how it has helped you with your planning? Let us know in the comments box below!

Laura xo