It’s all about the money…

Our facebook poll last Friday threw up some really interesting thoughts on what people would like these days as a wedding gift from their guests. When I first posed the question ‘would you prefer your wedding guests to give you money as a gift, or a specific item from a gift list’, I had no idea that the overwhelming majority of you would choose to have money as a wedding gift.

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Times have changed hugely since our parent’s and Grandparent’s eras when it was the norm to have a ‘bottom drawer’ of useful items for the newlyweds to have in their new home together as man and wife. This tradition meant that bundles of towels, cutlery sets and crockery would be common items to request as wedding gifts, as it would help so much in setting up the new home together for the newly weds. But now, as around 80% of us decide to co-habit before marriage, the likelihood is that you will have everything that you need already. Picture frames and wine glasses are likely to be a lot less useful to you than perhaps some cash or a contribution towards your honeymoon. With this in mind, we have had a look at some of the options available if you have decided to go down the route of asking your guests for money as a wedding gift… asks you as a couple to make a one off payment and then you are able to list all of the lovely things that you would like to do on your honeymoon, along with a price, for your guests to choose from. Once they have selected the honeymoon activity or gift of their choice, they can select and pay for it and the money goes straight into your account. You get the cash, and your guest gets to see what their money will go towards. Perfect!


Photo Credit: is another easy to use honeymoon registry website allowing your guests to donate to your honeymoon fund and enabling them to print off gift certificates. allows you to write up a list of all kinds of items that you would like as a gift and also gives you the option to break larger items down into smaller payments so that more of your guests can pay a smaller amount each in order for you to get one large gift. is an easy to use site enabling you to ask for money as a gift from your guests in a straightforward way. There is a one off fee for you to pay and then Star Weds provide you with invitation inserts that you can give to your guests. It is then easy to pay direct into your account to spend the money as you wish!

If you would prefer for your guests to be able to bring you money on the wedding day, you could make a ‘money box’ where your guests can post through the envelopes along with their cards for you. These are straight forward to make and you can style to match your wedding theme…


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Or perhaps you would like to donate your gift money to charity? Marie Curie and other charities can supply donation envelopes for you to place on your wedding breakfast table. Alternatively, you can direct your guests to the charities website to donate directly there instead. Have a look at and


What will you be opting for on your wedding day?


Laura xx

And a Silver Sixpence in her Shoe…

And so we come to the last section in our series on this tradition of Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue. It is the part that is usually dropped from the end of the rhyme, but nonetheless it is still something worth giving a nod to on your wedding day! The thought of having a silver sixpence in your shoe may seem like a slightly odd idea, but traditionally was a symbol for future wealth and prosperity; so we say go for it!!

We absolutely love this little keepsake pin, it not only has a silver sixpence but also encompasses all of the other elements of the rhyme for good luck. You can pin it to the inside of your dress or handbag or perhaps even pin it to a ribbon round your waist if your wedding dress has one. This lovely accessory is £25 from Betty’s Glamour Box on



As an alternative to placing the lucky sixpence in your shoe, how about wearing one on a specially made anklet instead? This one is £18.99 from The Lucky Sixpence Company



You could try customising a pair of heels to include the silver sixpence. You can buy the coin from online stores such as from around £20 upwards. Then by working out your own design, you can incorporate the coin into the detailing on your shoe, or even superglue it the sole.


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If you want to follow the tradition completely, then you should get a silver sixpence and place it under your foot in your left shoe.
The Royal Mint sells the coins in presentation boxes for £30 that you can order online here.


Whichever elements of the tradition you decide to follow, we wish you the very best of luck on your wedding day and in your new married lives together!

Laura x

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue… Part 4

I must admit, my favourite colour has been blue for as long as I can remember. I always wanted a blue sapphire engagement ring, I have always owned blue cars and my bedrooms have always been decorated in various shades of… blue! So this was always going to be a nice blog piece to write. Below, we have researched all of the wonderful ways you can incorporate Something Blue into your Wedding Day look.


Hair flowers

I love the idea of winding some pretty blue silk flowers through your hair. You can keep your hair loose, with some flowers wound in at the side, or if you are having an up do, pin them up into the style. With lots of outlets to buy silk or faux flowers from, you can choose the exact shade and flower to work with the rest of your look. Try Dunelm Mill or




Are you a drop earring or stud earring kind of girl? Wearing simple pearl studs can be a good idea for your wedding day – simple and understated, they won’t detract from your wedding hair and makeup. However, a small flash of colour on your earrings can look gorgeous. We absolutely adore these delicate Kalila Earrings from Oliver Bonas for £9



Mascara / coloured makeup

Blue mascara is so flattering on almost all skin tones. Keep it bang up to date (and avoid any 80’s nightmares!) by using Blinc Dark Blue Mascara £15.75 from or Max Factor Eye Brightening mascara in Blue for £6.99






Are you going to be wearing a necklace on your wedding day? By wearing a necklace incorporating the colour blue, you can go for a big chunky statement piece, or something pretty and delicate like this 70’s Delicate Blue Gem Necklace from Bohemian Rose Vintage for £10.

We also love this Blue Floral Pinwheel necklace by Matin Lapin on for £11.




Do you prefer charm bracelets or slinky bangles? Work Something Blue on your wrist with this beautiful silk twine Ju Ju Triple Star Bracelet, £16 from Oliver Bonas.


Nail varnish

This is an easy, no fuss way to use blue on your wedding day. Whether you do your own nails or get them done professionally, choose your colour carefully – are you going to go for midnight blue or a bright sky blue?

We are seriously in love with this blue nail varnish duo from Ted Baker at Boots for £8.50.



Want to keep warm on your way to the ceremony and are daring to flash a bit of colour? We were pretty much blown away with this incredible Marabou Ostrich Feather Shrug for £85 from Euphoria.


With Swarovski pearls and crystals, this delicate tiara is £46.80 inclusive of P&P from Flutterby Weddings. I especially love the little heart worked into the detailing!




There are so many beautiful blue flowers that you can choose from to go into your bouquet. Ask for miniature irises, Blue delphiniums or grape-hyacinth and you can mix them in with your other blooms to make a gorgeous bunch.



Kate Middleton opted for a hint of blue ribbon sewn into her wedding gown, but would you want to be equally as discreet or perhaps go for a bolder blue ribbon around your waist or even a blue wedding dress?

This elegant number is £159.44 from



We love the silhouette of this Ghost Dress in Tiffany Blue - £195 at John Lewis.



Every girl loves new underwear, right? Treat yourself (and your newlywed!) with these beautiful pieces of blue wedding lingerie.

This sky blue and charcoal bra is £38 from Elle Macpherson at Figleaves. The matching briefs are £25

This lacy blue bra is £7 from H&M and the matching briefs are £4.99.


And last, but by no means least are our Something Blue Shoe options! As you have probably noticed, we love a good colour splash here at The Budget Bride Company and the glimpse of a fabulous pair of blue shoes to round off your look would certainly get a round of applause from us!

These strappy blue sandals are £42 from ASOS


Or you could go all out glam with these super sparkly peep toes from Red Herring at Debenhams for £18.


We would love to know what your Something Blue is going to be! Are you going subtle or all out for a blue colour scheme?

Laura x

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue – Part Three

We started off this series of blog posts on the tradition of wearing something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue on your wedding day. Today we are going to be looking at some ideas for what to Borrow as part of the tradition.

Something Borrowed… 

We all know that Kate Middleton borrowed the Queen’s Tiara (a 1930’s Cartier Halo tiara no less) for her Something Borrowed on the Royal Wedding day, but that might not be so easy for the rest of us… Choosing what to wear for your Something Borrowed will probably involve you going to your close family and friends and choosing the right item to fit with your wedding day look. Below are some Budget Bride Company suggestions to help you on your way!



Borrowing your wedding dress from a similarly sized relative or friend will not only be massively flattering to the person who has lent you the dress, but it will save you a massive chunk of your wedding budget. Make sure that you try on the dress and that any necessary alterations can be made in good time by a reputable seamstress. And as you are going to be saving so much money by borrowing your wedding dress, make sure that you splash out and treat yourself to some amazing new jewellery or shoes for your big day!

Another alternative would be to hire your wedding dress. This is a fantastic cost effective way to get the gown you want for the big day and will be a great way to encompass your Something Borrowed.

Going to a Vintage Bridal Boutique such as Abigails Vintage means that you can ‘borrow’ your dress from another decade whilst getting yourself a dream wedding gown! Prices rom £300.




Borrowing a gorgeous necklace from a loved one is a great idea. You can go vintage and interesting by borrowing from an older family member or perhaps more modern and simple from a younger sister or friend. Make sure that your necklace is flattering and that it sits well on the neckline or strap lines of your wedding dress.



Are you planning on wearing a veil for your wedding day? Veils can add a sophisticated edge to your look and a veil borrowed can be great idea. Pair it with a beautifully embellished comb or tiara to add some glamour.



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Tiaras can be the finishing touch to your wedding day look. A crowning glory, they show off your wedding day hair and genuinely make you feel more ‘Bride’ than any other accessory (apart from maybe the ring)! See if one of your recently married friends has a gorgeous tiara that you can borrow, or again have a nod to decades goneby by opting for an older piece.



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This is a tricky one – but possible! To find a beautiful pair of shoes to borrow for your wedding day that both fit comfortably and look fantastic with your wedding dress may be a challenge but if you are lucky, it is a possibility! Are you aiming for strappy, peep toe or court shoes? Do you want colourful or classic? Make sure that you give the shoes a test run by walking around in them for a day to ensure they fit well and will carry you through your full wedding day without blisters!


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Borrowing a beautiful handbag for your wedding day will be both useful and an asset to your outfit! Are you thinking of a clutch bag? Something simple and monocolour or something to contrast with your dress with lots of embellishment? The great thing with borrowing a wedding day handbag is that it doesn’t strictly have to be from a wedding – you can go for any colour or material that you like which opens up your possibilities!


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Silk Flowers

Silk flowers for wedding bouquets are very much on their way back in! First popular decades ago, silk wedding flowers are now becoming the choice for a lot of brides due to the fact that they are guaranteed to keep their shape throughout the day and you have the option to keep them to remind you of the day in years to come! Perhaps your Mum had silk flowers for her wedding? You could borrow the full bouquet, or pinch one of the blooms from it, to add to your own bouquet.

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Most importantly, using Something Borrowed on your wedding day reinforces those bonds between you and your family and friends. Enjoy this time choosing what to borrow and make sure you let the person who you have borrowed from know how much it means to you.


We would love to know what you will be borrowing on your wedding day – have you decided yet?


Laura xx

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue – Part 2

Last week, we started off this series of blog posts on the tradition of wearing something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue on your wedding day. You can catch up with the Something Old post here and today we go on to have a look at my personal favourite – something new!


Part Two – Something New…

Finding your Something New to wear on your wedding day should be a complete treat! If you have time on your side, you can pull together lists of your favourite things to choose from, or save pictures on your Pinterest  page from all of the different catalogues or websites that you have been checking through.


I think the best Something New that we could start with is probably the most obvious one; your Wedding Dress! We absolutely adore this Trudy Lee knee length taffeta dress from Calm Weddings for £500


Jewellery is another great area to incorporate Something New into your look. Perhaps your beau is planning on buying you something new to wear on the wedding day? How about hinting for this stunning pair of handmade cluster pearl earrings from the gorgeous Supernova Gold - £23


Are you going to be investing a gorgeous new pair of shoes to complete your outfit? Choose a fantastic pair that will be both glamorous and comfortable on the day. And if you are able to dress them down to wear again perhaps with a pair of jeans another time, then all the better justification for buying a new pair for the big day!! We’ve fallen in love with these Jenny Pacham Peep Toes for £35 from Debenhams.


Is your wedding hair do going to be up or down? We love this pretty daisy hairclip; with a Swarovski crystal centre, it will add a gorgeous bit of sparkle to your wedding hair style at £10.80 from Flutterby Weddings.


There is nothing quite like the luxury of indulging in new makeup! Going to a makeup counter can be a great idea as you will benefit from the assistants knowledge. You might be able to get a free makeover along with some expert advice on how to apply the makeup. You can also ask for guidance on what colours will work best with your skin tone and the colours you are planning to wear on your wedding day. It is also worth checking out on-line tutorials like the Beauty School at Benefit to get some inspiration on colours and how to apply. For the best prices, shop around on-line on sites such as Pique Perfumes and The Cosmetic House.


Do you want to make sure you make it to the church on time? A brand new watch will be a lovely reminder of your wedding day that you can wear every day after the big day if you want to! We love this delicate stone set silver watch by Oasis for £19.99.

I hope you are enjoying shopping for your Something New… Let us know what you will be including with your wedding day outfit!


Laura xx