Top wedding venues in London

Weddings at The Landmark London


London is certainly not short of impressive wedding venues. Whether you’re looking for spaces that exude modern chic, classical elegance or rustic charm, you should be able to find the perfect location for your big day.

To get your creative juices flowing, here are some of the English capital’s best venues.


The Landmark London

If it’s elegance and grandeur you’re after, it’s hard to beat The Landmark London. This five star hotel boasts magnificent banqueting rooms complete with original Victorian features, high ceilings and plenty of natural light.

As well as providing a truly romantic setting for your nuptial celebrations, this luxurious hotel offers the utmost convenience. Its wedding and civil partnership coordinator will help you to plan each stage of your celebration to ensure it runs smoothly, from the decorations and flowers to the menu and entertainment.

Because the venue benefits from 300 bedrooms, your guests won’t be short of a place to stay either.


  The Painted Hall at the Royal Naval College

Sometimes referred to as the “finest dining hall in Europe”, the Painted Hall at the Royal Naval College will certainly make an impression on your wedding guests. Designed by Sir Christopher Wren and Nicholas Hawksmoor, it was originally created as an eating space for naval veterans and it is characterised by its lavish wall and ceiling decorations.


Amadeus Centre

If you’re planning a themed ceremony and reception, the Amadeus Centre may be ideal for you. Here, you can really let your imagination run wild. Whether you want fire-eaters, an ice cream van, a big top circus tent or anything else, you can see the venue as a blank canvas.

This former Welsh Presbyterian chapel features a wood-panelled gallery and its own pipe organ. The building contains an Upper Hall and a more intimate Lower Hall, which was originally a crypt.


  Bleeding Heart Tavern

To immerse yourself in the city’s history, you can book a reception at the Bleeding Heart Tavern. This venue has real character and it's highlight is a 600-year-old crypt complete with exposed beams, which was once the setting for a three-day feast hosted by Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon. The bash was thrown to celebrate the couple’s wedding.


  Chelsea Physic Garden

If you’d like to enjoy some fresh air on your big day, the Chelsea Physic Garden could be just what you’re after. Established in 1673 by the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries as a place for its apprentices to study the medicinal qualities of plants, it became one of the most important centres of plant exchange and botany in the world.


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Not engaged yet? Tips to bring on the ring!

Tps to bring on an engagement

If you have been waiting in vain for months or years for your partner to propose to you, then it may well be time to do something about it, and whether you choose to take the very modern initiative of proposing yourself or choose to gently coax your beau into popping the question, simply letting them know that you might be ready for them to put a ring on it may well be enough to ensure that wedding bells are chiming before you know it.

So, if you want to keep things traditional and you long for your other half to propose, what is the best way to get them down on bended knee?

Talk it through

One of the easiest ways to get your beau to propose is to simply let them know you would be ready for it. They may never have even thought about it or may have been holding back simply because they were scared that you may say no, so by actually talking it through, you may spur them into action. It is wise not to be too forceful and instead simply let them know it  is something that appeals to you - after all, if your other half is ‘not there yet’, you don’t want to risk them running a mile.

Don’t push your other half

If your partner is not ready for marriage, do not push them into it or give them an ultimatum. It will almost always backfire and, furthermore, do you really want to get married if they don’t want to? Such misgivings will mar your big day, so if waiting a little while will ensure they are fully committed to the venture and totally at ease, it will make your entire wedding far more enjoyable for all parties. If your beau isn’t ready, it doesn’t mean they don’t love you - they may just not be in the right place in their life.

Drop hints

You don’t have to go all out and tell your partner you would like them to propose if you would rather the impetus came from them. Start casually mentioning marriage or start looking at diamond rings online and saying how much you would love such a ring. By choosing to look on sites such as Marlows that specialise in wedding and engagement rings, you may be able to say everything you want to without saying anything at all - and without piling the pressure on.

Be the person they want to marry

Whilst you won’t want to change yourself just to get your other half to propose, being the best version of you will help them to see what you have as a couple and ensure they really want to keep it. Spend quality time together and talk about the future so that they know that you want them to be there, and to ensure your beau wants to be there too. Look after them and care for them in a way that shows them you are the perfect match together.

Spend time with married couples

Spending time with married couples will help your other half to see all the benefits of married life. By spending time with other couples, they may also see that tying the knot doesn’t mean they will have to say goodbye to a social life, and this may well put them far more at ease and make the idea of marriage more appealing.

Meet the family

Spending more time with each other’s relatives will help you each feel like part of the family and will in turn make the process of getting married seem like less of a leap. Your beau will already feel as though the two of you are part of something bigger than yourselves and this will in turn make marriage seem like an obvious next step.


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Wedding Budgeting Tips from Amethyst Weddings

 At the Budget Bride Company, we are always on the lookout for new tips on how to get the most out of the wedding budget you have available.

 Sian Bowron is a Wedding Planner at Amethyst Weddings and today she is sharing her tips with us on how to max your budget when planning your ceremony and reception.


 Everyone has different priorities when it comes to budgeting for a wedding. With the average wedding expenditure rapidly nearing £20k, it's no surprise that couples on tight budgets are resorting to DIY options to help stretch the pennies.

 As a wedding planner, I often get asked the best ways to make the most of a wedding budget, so here are a few of my top tips on how to keep an eye on the purse strings…

 Keep the ceremony intimate

Invite your nearest and dearest only - the people that really matter. Less people at the ceremony means less mouths to feed at the wedding breakfast and the savings can stack up incredibly quickly.

 www intimateweddings com (3)

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Church ceremonies

Check with your vicar to find out if they have a marriage ceremony booklet and hymn books. This will save on the additional cost and time of preparing an order of service specifically for your wedding.


Civil ceremonies

Pick a reception venue that is licensed for civil ceremonies and host both your ceremony and reception at the same place as this saves unnecessary transport costs.

Look out for venues that waive room hire charges for hosting your ceremony and reception with them, as this will give you greater bargaining power!

Another great way to save the pounds is to get married at your local registry office. By keeping it local and simple, you can save more money for spending on your reception.


HIWinchesterCeremony (3)

HIWinchesterReception (3)

 Photo Credit: Fran Scott at


Package deals

Don't get fooled in to thinking that these are good deals. It's only a good deal if you need or want everything that is included. A £2000 package including  50 three course meals is only of any use if you have 50 guests. Also be sure to double check the minimum numbers required.


Weekday weddings

Registrar fees and venue hire fees are generally cheaper mid-week which means that you will get a lot more for your wedding budget. You may find that suppliers such as photographers and make-up artists also offer a reduced rate for weddings not held on a weekend. This can also apply to dates outside of wedding season which is generally April through to October.

www directionplatform com (3)



If your venue permits outside catering, then try and find a caterer who can work to your budget. Work with them on the menu - they are the experts so ask them what is realistic for the budget you have. A buffet style wedding breakfast is normally a cheaper alternative to a three course meal or you could try a fun alternative such as a hog roast.


buffetclaretcatering (3) 

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I hope that you have found these ceremony and reception wedding budgeting tips helpful! In Part 2, I will share some hints and tips with you on wedding attire and choosing your colour scheme.


Thank you for sharing your tips with us Sian! And we look forward to reading Part 2 on the Blog soon 🙂


Top Ten Budget Busting Wedding Tips

Top ten budget busting wedding tips

I first met the talented Rebecca Aspin, owner of the Sell My Wedding website, earlier this year at an event run by the RocknRoll Bride in Sheffield. I was inspired to hear Rebecca’s story of how she came to set up the website and the idea behind it. I am now really happy to share a guest post with you from Rebecca – her top ten tips for a Budget Busting Wedding.


Four years on from my own wedding, I founded Sell My Wedding – a UK-based online wedding marketplace – as a way to recycle all of my preloved wedding treasures. The website has been live since last July with brides-to-be quick to snap up a bargain, in fact eager buyers currently outnumber sellers, showing that in the current climate brides-to-be are keen to cut down on the cost of their wedding.

Sell My Wedding is ultimately about recycling, reusing and of course saving those pennies {which we all know is so difficult to do when planning a wedding} Here I give you my top ten tips for planning an eco-budget busting wedding… 

#1 Do it yourself  

In an era of recession, which has taken its inspiration from the wartime make do and mend ethos, the trend to ‘Do It Yourself’ does not seem to be losing its popularity. From the invitations to the centrepieces to the food, an element of DIY pops up at most weddings, with some couples opting all out to do it themselves.

Wedding blogs are a constant source of inspiration featuring ‘DIY’ weddings and tutorials helping even the most novice crafter add a hint of DIY to her wedding day.  

#2 Family heirlooms

Since William gave Kate his mother’s engagement ring it has once again become acceptable rather than frugal, to pass on the family heirloom rather than buying brand new. Kate also followed the old fashioned mantra, ‘old new borrowed blue’ when she borrowed the Queen’s tiara to wear at her wedding. 

In this era of nostalgia, make do and mend ethos, and love of all things vintage, when it comes to the most important wedding purchase of them all, many brides are opting to have a dress made using vintage lace or fabric from their mother or Grandmother’s wedding dress.  I think that this is such a lovely thing to do…   


#3 Favour friends

By calling upon the talents and creativity of your family and friends you can not only reduce costs, but add that element of DIY to your wedding day. My friend Lucy who had done a course in floristry made my bouquet and my bridesmaids’ as my wedding gift, my Grandma baked a fruit cake which was served with the cheese whilst my friends made up the favours – old fashioned bags of Yorkshire mixture.     



#4 Crafty Hens

Many hens have turned their backs on extravagant breaks abroad instead opting for a more low key, but equally fabulous, crafty affair in this country. Combine with (#1 DIY) to hold a craft party where you can make your veil or décor for your wedding.   Try crafty wedding blog www.adoreweddingblog. com for more inspiration and details of crafty hen parties.


#5 Mismatched bridesmaid dresses 

I must admit I love the look of mismatched bridesmaids dresses particularly in cute floral prints – it is not only a great way to ensure that each bridesmaid is happy with how they look in a style that flatters but most will be happy to buy their own dress if it is something that they ‘love’ and will most likely wear again.  You never know, they may already have something in their wardrobe which is just perfect. 


#6 Chalkboards

Chalkboards are cheap to buy in all shapes or sizes; alternatively you can make your own using old frames sourced from car boots sales or charity shops and some chalk board paint or foil. You could then use the chalkboards as table numbers, menus or table plans – the beauty being that you can then reuse them after your wedding, by putting them up at home and using them as a memo board {or of course sell onto another bride via Sell My Wedding.}


#7 Jam jars & bottles

The best thing about jam jars and bottles is that they are free! I am a particular fan of the strawberry bonne mammon jam jars as they have a red and white gingham lid. Jam jars can be used on their own or as part of a cluster to display candles or cut flowers. Or how about cutting old champagne or wine bottles in half to display flowers, they perfectly suit a vintage themed wedding with a mix of old labels on show. Or simply use old bottles to display single stems all the way down a trestle table.

The best thing is that when you have finished with them you can recycle at the bottle bank or pass onto another bride.


#8 Village Hall

If you are looking for a venue to add your own stamp to, why not check out the village halls in your area, many have undergone a refurbishment and are equipped to host a large wedding party. As well as being a blank canvas, you can then bring in local suppliers to serve up your favourite food and drink.


If you have the option to self cater why not source the food from your local butcher or greengrocer or encourage your venue to use one of your favourite local suppliers – not only will it taste fresher but it will reduce the carbon footprint of your wedding.



#9 Something old something new

Gone is the stigma surrounding secondhand and preloved, brides are happy to source wedding items in charity shops, car boot sales, ebay and preloved wedding sites like By using sites like Sell My Wedding you may be able to afford the wedding dress you fell in love with but couldn’t stretch to full price, or afford those centrepieces if you know you can make some money back by selling them afterwards.


Items that are being snapped up quickly on Sell My Wedding include bunting, lanterns and decorations, veils and hair accessories and 1950’s style prom wedding dresses – because unlike floor length wedding gowns, these shorter gowns don’t have any marks on the bottom.

I have also noticed that brides-to-be who buy from the site are also coming back to sell their wedding onto another bride.


Those sellers who do really well on the site are often those who are selling a large number of items from their wedding, the website also give sellers the opportunity to include the story of their wedding so buyers can not only be inspired by their wedding but also buy the items (at a fraction of the full price).


#10 Staycation    

With so many luxury bed and breakfasts and fabulous foodie pubs with rooms in this country, there is no need for an expensive long haul flight to foreign climes when you can cosy away with your new husband in a British bolthole. Many newly-weds are indeed opting to stay local choosing to take a mini moon in this country.  One of my favourite websites is 


Thanks so much Rebecca. Don’t forget to log on to to find fantastic pre-loved wedding items and inspiration for your wedding.