Supplier Spotlight with Host Event Management Wedding Planning


At The Budget Bride Company, we are always on the lookout for fantastic suppliers who can help our Brides to Be achieve their wedding dreams and plans, even when they are working to a tighter budget.


Host Event Management and Wedding Planning  are a fantastic company headed up by the lovely Olivia Mills. We are so pleased to welcome Host on board, with their positive ethos of saving you money, time and stress with their wedding planning packages. We had a catch-up with Olivia to find out more...



What is your favourite thing about being a wedding planner?

I just absolutely love being able to make people’s dreams come true! It sounds very cliché but essentially that is what I love.  The thank you’s post wedding is the reason I do what I do.  This industry gives you so much satisfaction. 


How did you get into the wedding planning business?

Coming from a large family and always attending some sort of celebration!  I loved the excitement and love that surrounds milestone events and I have always enjoyed helping out.  I remember thinking seriously about my career whilst I was at sixth form.  I was a head student and in charge of planning the leavers ball and everyone used to joke about how organised I was and how I should get some sort of degree in planning! So I searched the Universities and couldn’t believe that there was a whole subject dedicated to Event Management! Once offered a place, I studied the subject for four years at the University of Gloucestershire and undertook an industrial placement at a venue close to my home.  Since graduating I have worked at highly recommended event caterers working for the likes of SS Great Britain and at sporting events such as The One Day International in 2009.  I have worked for conference and wedding venues in the events department and the NEC in Birmingham. 

An achievement close to my heart was setting up Old Down Manor, a beautiful period property located near Bristol.  The venue took 2 years to renovate and is now one of the area’s most prestigious wedding and fine events venues.  I marketed the venue, staffed it, sold it and am so very proud of what we have all achieved there.  To this day I still work very closely with the venue but having my own business was always a long standing ambition, and so, Host Event Management was born!


What are your top tips for maxing a tight wedding budget?

1/ Be realistic – Set a budget that you can actually afford and stick to it. 

2/ Enlist the help of family and friends – Is your Auntie fabulous of baking? Is there a friend who is keen on photography?  Don’t be afraid to ask around.  Using someone you know for certain elements of your day makes everything so much more personal, plus your loved ones will be thrilled to offer their help as their wedding present to you!

3/Don’t be too frugal.  Your wedding is meant to be the best day of your life and you only intend to do it once, right? Think about what really matters to you both.  Suppliers such as videographers or planners such as myself can be seen as a costly extra - this couldn’t be futher from the truth! How wonderful to have moving images of your day that you can cherish forever and watch time and time again (and show the children and grandchildren!).  Wedding planners also save you money - they have lots of supplier friends that give exclusive discounts to planners.  And I give these discounts directly to my clients, discounts that they may not have received otherwise!



What inspires you in your work?

People’s creativity.  I work with so many talented weddings professionals who truly inspire me.  I work with suppliers with the most fantastic worth ethic and humour that it makes it a pleasure to go to work!


What are your wedding style predictions for the rest of 2013 and heading into 2014? 

I am not one for trends (as I believe the wedding should be guided by the couples interests and not by glossy magazines), but I would say colour and lots of it! Rainbow effects, ombre and bright bold colours mixed in with both contemporary and classic styling.  Also monochrome - the classic black and white look for classy and elegant affairs.  Not forgetting the 1920’s vibe after the release of the remake of “The Great Gatsby”.


Olivia, it’s great to have you with us and thanks for sharing your tips! You can find lots more information about Host Management Wedding Planning here.


Laura xx