Sumptuous on Saturday: Pippy’s Vintage



I am so pleased to welcome the gorgeous Pippy’s Vintage to The Budget Bride Company. Pippy’s Vintage specialise in creating beautiful bespoke vintage hair accessories for your wedding day. With items from forehead bands to hair combs and tiaras, there is bound to be something to tickle your fancy from the collection! And you know why we are featuring Pippy’s Vintage on our Sumptuous on Saturday post? Because these luxurious pieces start from just £7.50.

We caught up with Pippy herself to find out a bit more...


So Pippy, what is it about Vintage Style that appeals to you?

I love vintage style because it is so versatile! There is something for everyone and every look whether you love the classic 20's or the glamorous 50's.... maybe you're a total boho chick with that 60's/70's look.... the influence from these bygone times is prominent throughout the fashion world ESPECIALLY when it comes to bridal trends, which is amazing news for brides on a budget! 🙂 I like to swap and change and mix it up a bit, depending on what mood I am in! When I am at my full time job I like to try and look sassy and sophisticated with a 50's tailored look, but on a lovely summers day I prefer a bit of a chilled out boho look.


What inspired you to create Pippy’s Vintage?

Pippy's Vintage started off as my sister-in-laws idea. She had just had her own wedding with a bit of a vintage theme a couple of years earlier and had really struggled finding a brooch for the sash on her wedding dress. A couple of years down the line, now on maternity leave she decided to start her own venture selling vintage jewellery at great prices. She asked me if I would have a go at making some hair pieces for her, using broken bits of vintage jewellery... and that was it - I was hooked! I was so fascinated by these little sparkles which had stood the test of time. Before I knew it, I was spending all my free time mooching around antique stores and fayres around the country, reading and researching these gems of the past and of course creating and repairing the pieces. Unfortunately my sister-in-law didn't have the time to continue her website, and so Pippy's Vintage was created. Pippy was one of my nicknames at school and it has kind of stuck!


What is your favourite thing about your work?

This is a tough question to answer. I enjoy all of it really, but I love making something old and a bit unloved into something completely new and treasured. Everything I make with vintage components is unique, just like the person it is going to!


What has been your favourite piece that you have sold so far?

I think that one of my favourite pieces that I have sold has to be one of the first commissions I did, which was actually for a dear friend of mine. I felt so honoured that she had asked me to do a piece for her special day; I also did her flower girl's hair band and maid of honour's comb... which doubled up as their present as well. Another favourite was a comb called Sybil- very Downton Abbey! Made from two completely mangled marcasite brooches which I restored and revamped for a lovely lady in Holland!


We know that you’re a bride to be yourself – do you have any advice or tips that you would like to share with our readers?

Decide what you want and stick to it! Don't let other people tell you what's best... it is your special day. Don't feel under pressure to spend loads of money either. The two most important people are you and your partner. Incorporate bits of what you both like and make it personal to you as a couple.


What has been your favourite thing about planning your own wedding?

We are still very much at the beginning of our wedding plans, as we are trying to finish our house first, however we do know that we want a vintage themed wedding (of course!!) I think I would like a bit of a mix between 50's and early 60's look- a bit Audrey Hepburn. My favourite part of planning so far though has been my fiancé buying his gorgeous vintage suit from EBay and seeing how excited he was when he got it! It is absolutely gorgeous, and it was a steal at just under £70... I can't believe he has his outfit sorted before I do!


What are your wedding style predictions for the rest of 2013 and into next year?

Vintage lace and pearl are definitely still going to be the star of the aisle! 20's and 30's are the era to follow on the wedding dress side of things, especially when you look at designers like Charlotte Balbier and Jenny Packham. Vintage is here to stay!


Thanks so much Pippy, it’s been an absolute pleasure and we look forward to hearing about more of your gorgeous vintage pieces  - and updates on your own wedding planning too!

Laura xx