Sumptuous on Saturday: Meet The Diamonds Factory, Diamond Engagement Ring Specialists


So, todays feature really is for those of you who are still deciding on engagement rings and going through that lovely time of wondering what ring you might choose. I’ll bet you’ve probably got a pretty good idea of what you are after, and if you’re not directly included in the choosing process, perhaps you’ve dropped some ‘subtle’ hints to your beau?! I know that I pretty much made it my mission to slip into conversation whenever I could how much I loved sapphires before John and I got engaged 🙂


Diamonds Factory - Up to 80% off Diamond Engagement Rings


Diamonds Factory low price diamond engagement rings


Diamonds Factory Budget Engagement Rings

So why do we heart The Diamonds Factory? It’s because they offer their diamond engagement rings  at about 60-80% off store prices; their Price Match Guarantee assures customers they are getting the lowest UK prices available. All of their diamonds are certified and conflict free. The engagement rings come with free and insured shipping and they even offer bespoke jewellery design services if you want to create something unique.

Cheap Diamond Engagement Rings

Low price Diamond Engagement Rings

Low price Diamond Engagement Rings from The Diamonds Factory

So, maybe if you think your beau is looking to surprise you with a diamond engagement ring, subtley send them a link to this post 🙂

Happy Engagement Ring Shopping!

Laura xx