Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue – Part 1

Over the next five weeks, we are going to be looking at that tradition of wearing Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue (and a Silver Sixpence in your Shoe!) on your wedding day. We thought it would be a good idea to find some inspiration and give you a Budget Bride Company guide on what to wear and where to find it…

Something Old...

Have you spoken with your family or friends about what they wore on their wedding day? It might be that they have just the thing to let you use as your Something Old on your big day! Have a chat with your Mum, Grandmother or to be Mother-in-law and find out if they might have anything suitable. We’re not necessarily talking about the whole wedding dress, but is there a necklace or tiara or maybe even a veil that could be your Something Old? With the current trends for vintage being so strong, this could be an ideal way to work this style into your wedding day look.

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Customise your bouquet… We love the idea of button bouquets here at The Budget Bride Company and there is a great opportunity here to have lots of fun creating your bouquet and working the Something Old theming into it. Start early and decide on your colour scheme first – do you want to go for one bold colour with hints of a complimenting colour alongside? Are you going to go with pastels? Whatever your colour theme, you can start looking for buttons, brooches and gems to go into your bouquet  as far in advance as possible. This way, you can scour car boot sales, eBay and charity shops to get hold of the materials that you need. Another fun way to work Something Old into your bouquet would be to purchase some vintage lace or to use some old ribbon to wind between your blooms – have a chat with your wedding florist to find out how this could work.


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Finding a vintage purse or handbag to match or compliment your wedding dress would be a great look. This is a functional and useful way to work Something Old into your wedding day. Again, a great opportunity to go bargain hunting at car boot sales or rummaging in charity shops, you’ll never know what you might find. Another favourite is the Etsy Vintage Category where you can find beauties like this for a snip!



If you are wearing a strapless wedding dress, try going for a vintage clutch bag – the lack of a bag strap will not detract from the line of your wedding dress.


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Vintage charms are also a very cute idea. You can find vintage charms from sites such as and can end up with something really unusual from about £24.

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Have you thought about how you would like to wear your hair on the big day? Old hair pins can be beautifully ornate and look fantastic. This original vintage crystal hairpin dates back to the 1950’s – absolutely beautiful at £47:

Or for some real unique bargains, try typing ‘Art Deco Vintage Hair’ into Ebay and just look at the treasure trove of original pieces that come up – a lot of them for under £20!

We would love to know what your Something Old will be – let us know about any gorgeous antique or retro pieces you will be using!


Laura xx