On taking time out and doing what makes you happy…

I remember that I used to be really good at recognising when I needed to take a day off and just do some of the stuff that makes me happy. I would book a random day off work (usually a Friday) and then I would set about making plans. These would usually entail booking myself in for  some form of beauty treatment and booking in a lunch date with my Mum, Sister or a friend. I would then decide on where I might head after my lunch – perhaps a café with a good book or magazine, perhaps visiting a museum or gallery that I had wanted to wander around for some time, or simply driving to a nearby town with good shops so I could just wander around and maybe buy a new top or piece of jewellery or something for the house.


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But it seems that recently, my Time Out prerogative has slipped out of view all together. There always seems to be another appointment or thing to do that takes priority over just having a good fun day off!


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Since becoming engaged have you found that your life has become a whirlwind of appointments, tasks and meetings – squeezing out that precious time for you to just enjoy yourself and take a breather? With the amount of wedding suppliers to book, venues to view and friends and relations to catch up with, it’s no wonder that the lead up to your wedding can sometimes be the very opposite of relaxing!


How would you feel about booking yourself a Time Out day to do with whatever you wish? Be it catching up with your best friend for a sleepover and some soppy rom-coms, or going out to the seaside with your other half – I would love to hear what you would plan!


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I am going to promise myself a Time Out day off before the end of March and here are some of the things that I plan to do…

♥ Book in an appointment for a facial at my local beauty therapists

♥ Go to my local garden centre and look at all of the plants that could fill my garden

♥ Dig out my favourite book and take it to my local café, sit in my favourite chair in the corner and read it for a good couple of hours – accompanied by multiple cups of cappuccino

♥ Bake an impressive chocolate cake (maybe this one )

♥ Purchase a lovely new dress from Oliver Bonas on line

♥ Change into my pyjamas early and have a posh Marks and Spencer’s Meal Deal (complete with bottle of red!) whilst watching Carlito’s Way from start to finish with my beau.


Cake picture from www.nigella.com


How would you spend your perfect day off?

Laura xx