Mood Board Monday – Florals and Vintage

OK, I have a confession to make – I could literally spend all day looking at Vintage and Floral themed weddings, so this mood board has been even more of a delight for me to put together than usual!
I just love the romance of Vintage Floral – and I especially adore how easy it can be to get hold of decorations when you’re on a tight budget. Mismatched is good, home made is fab, upcycled is the order of the day. And it can be so much fun searching for all of the little elements at car boot sales, charity shops and on ebay.


Vintage and Florals Moodboard

Budget Bride Company on Pinterest 
So this weeks Mood Board is all about Vintage Floral, head on over to our Pinterest page and have a look!
Are you going to be encompassing any Vintage Floral elements into your wedding day?
Laura xo