Light Green Wedding Mood Board Inspiration

Good Morning Brides to Be! I hope that you had a lovely Valentines Weekend and that you and your Beau made some time for romance!

So, onwards to this weeks Pinterest Inspiration where we are focussing on a Light Green Wedding Mood Board to help you with deciding on a colour theme for your wedding day.


Light Green Wedding Mood Board Inspiration

Budget Bride Company on Pinterest


I think that light green is such a lovely shade of a beautiful colour – it's calming, pretty and sophisticated. The understated tone makes for a lovely contrast against other colours such as pink or yellow, so it really is a joy to work with as a colour pallet for your wedding theme.

As you can see on this weeks Mood Board, there are a variety of ways that you can lace this colour through your wedding theme; stationery, bridesmaids dresses, venue décor – you have a wealth of options to feature your light green theme colour in!

So, head over to our Pinterest Page now and have a little mooch amongst some of our inspiring images. What do you think of the colour green as a wedding colour theme? Have you chosen your colour theme yet? Let us know in the Comments below, or over on our Facebook Page.

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Laura xo