Lakeside Wedding Moodboard Inspiration

Lakeside Weddings for me conjure up ideas of Canadian clear waters and crystal clear air. Cute outdoors ceremonies with incredible views. Mr John and I went on holiday to Lake Como in Northern Italy a couple of years ago and I fell in love with the romance of being near the water. We watched a wedding party from the shore as a Bride to be was whisked away on a speed boat with a couple of her bridesmaids to her awaiting wedding on the other side of the lake. From that moment, I knew I was hooked. A wedding near water is a winner for me!

Lakeside Wedding Moodboard

A Lakeside Wedding Moodboard - Budget Bride Company on Pinterest


But aside from having a destination wedding, there are tons of places that you can marry by the water in the UK, if you want to stay closer to home! A jaunt to the States or the Lakes in Italy doesn’t have to be the only way, when you have the Lake District so much closer to home…

Todays Lakeside Wedding Moodboard has plenty of inspiration for you. Head over to the Pinterest page to check out our Lakeside wedding pictures for ideas for you to steal…

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