Keira Knightley, we salute you.


We all know that last month, the beautiful Brit that is Keira Knightley married her Beau, James Righton, in the South of France. The world seemed to be in shock that such a successful A-Lister would choose to have a low budget wedding, so we thought it would be a great time to take a moment to appreciate Keira’s special day, her way.

At The Budget Bride Company, we have always been huge fans of plenty of love and happiness with a little bit of affordable luxury on your wedding day and we think that Keira has pulled off that ethos beautifully. With just 12 guests for the ceremony and then a party for around 50 afterwards, Keira and James kept the whole wedding beautifully simple.

By choosing to wear a dress which is believed that she may have previously worn and jumping into an old Renault Clio after the ceremony, Keira clearly sent out the message to the world that her marriage to James was at the top of the agenda - not creating a PR frenzy over an extravagant ‘do’.

I think we can take some fantastic inspiration from Keira. By keeping your guest list to those you really care about and are close to, wearing a dress that you love and making the vows the main point of the day, you can have a beautiful, love filled low-key wedding.

And if it’s good enough for head of design at Channel, Karl Lagerfeld, who dubbed her wedding as ‘perfect’, then it’s good enough for us too 🙂

Congratulations Keira and James!

Laura xx