It’s all about the money…

Our facebook poll last Friday threw up some really interesting thoughts on what people would like these days as a wedding gift from their guests. When I first posed the question ‘would you prefer your wedding guests to give you money as a gift, or a specific item from a gift list’, I had no idea that the overwhelming majority of you would choose to have money as a wedding gift.

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Times have changed hugely since our parent’s and Grandparent’s eras when it was the norm to have a ‘bottom drawer’ of useful items for the newlyweds to have in their new home together as man and wife. This tradition meant that bundles of towels, cutlery sets and crockery would be common items to request as wedding gifts, as it would help so much in setting up the new home together for the newly weds. But now, as around 80% of us decide to co-habit before marriage, the likelihood is that you will have everything that you need already. Picture frames and wine glasses are likely to be a lot less useful to you than perhaps some cash or a contribution towards your honeymoon. With this in mind, we have had a look at some of the options available if you have decided to go down the route of asking your guests for money as a wedding gift… asks you as a couple to make a one off payment and then you are able to list all of the lovely things that you would like to do on your honeymoon, along with a price, for your guests to choose from. Once they have selected the honeymoon activity or gift of their choice, they can select and pay for it and the money goes straight into your account. You get the cash, and your guest gets to see what their money will go towards. Perfect!


Photo Credit: is another easy to use honeymoon registry website allowing your guests to donate to your honeymoon fund and enabling them to print off gift certificates. allows you to write up a list of all kinds of items that you would like as a gift and also gives you the option to break larger items down into smaller payments so that more of your guests can pay a smaller amount each in order for you to get one large gift. is an easy to use site enabling you to ask for money as a gift from your guests in a straightforward way. There is a one off fee for you to pay and then Star Weds provide you with invitation inserts that you can give to your guests. It is then easy to pay direct into your account to spend the money as you wish!

If you would prefer for your guests to be able to bring you money on the wedding day, you could make a ‘money box’ where your guests can post through the envelopes along with their cards for you. These are straight forward to make and you can style to match your wedding theme…


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Or perhaps you would like to donate your gift money to charity? Marie Curie and other charities can supply donation envelopes for you to place on your wedding breakfast table. Alternatively, you can direct your guests to the charities website to donate directly there instead. Have a look at and


What will you be opting for on your wedding day?


Laura xx