Hi, I’m Laura!

Laura Sack - Budget Bride Company

As the person who signs her name off after each wedding post on this Blog, I thought it would be a nice idea to introduce myself to you properly! You have probably seen a little bit of info on me here and today I am going to elaborate!


I had the idea for the Budget Bride Company when all of my friends were getting engaged and starting their wedding plans back in the Summer of 2011. Being a natural born organizer (having worked as an Event Manager for nearly ten years!), I loved helping my friends out in finding them great wedding suppliers with awesome offers and coming up with honeymoon ideas that would work on their budget. I absolutely ADORE organising and coming up with creative ideas to stretch a set budget to achieve as much as possible.

Laura Sack - The Budget Bride Company

Within my circle of friends, I realized that we all had something big in common – we were all hard working young women earning our own salaries and yet we were being faced with extortionate prices to carry off a wedding on. With my Events background, I knew that it would be super useful to have a website resource where all of the Wedding Suppliers who offered lovely products and great services were all in one place, alongside an inspiring Blog with real life budget wedding stories, great wedding products and a free Wedding Venue Finding Service for Brides to be.


So after several months of hard graft and saving up, I had set up the Budget Bride Company website that you are reading now and in June 2012, I left my Event Manager post and launched the Company full time. I am loving every minute of it and have not looked back once!

Laura Sack - The Budget Bride Company

John and I got engaged last Summer whilst on holiday in Corfu – it was one of the best days of my life! He asked me at the top of a mountain at a little taverna in the heat of the midday sun and amongst lots of smiling happy tears, I said YES! Our original plan was to head out to Las Vegas and get married by an Elvis lookalike – a long term dream of mine, but just recently we have found out that we are going to be having a little addition to our family 🙂 Our little baby is due for arrival in October, so for the moment, our wedding plans will need to be put back a little… So, I will be focusing even more on helping YOU sort out YOUR wedding!


My little office is in the loft of an old building in Wellingborough in the East Midlands. When I’m not finding wedding venues for you lovely lot, or updating the Blog, these are some of my favourite pastimes:


♥ Watching stand-up comedy (on the TV and in person whenever I can !)– I’m especially into Stewart Lee and Lee Mack at the moment.

♥ Cooking elaborate three course dinners that never quite turn out the way I want them to! I love experimenting with cooking styles from other countries – especially Jamaican and Mexican at the moment. I am also a HUGE Nigella fan, I love the way she writes and that even I can follow her recipes.

♥ Going for l-o-n-g countryside walks with John.

♥ Reading wedding magazines and blogs whenever I can.

♥ Going to lovely cosy old pubs and enjoying a big glass of red wine (when not pregnant!)

♥ Hanging out with my sisters and their kids.

♥ Hanging out with my brother and his dog.

♥ Going to Cornwall.

♥ Travelling on awesome last minute deal holidays.

♥ Listening to 6 Music

Laura Sack - The Budget Bride Company

So that’s me in a nutshell! Watch this space for more posts where I will be sharing my own wedding plans and personal tips for making your wedding shine…


Have a great day 🙂


Laura xx


All photos on this page care of the gorgeous Photography By Danielle Mobbs who offers amazing wedding photography packages from £650.