Halloween Themed Budget Wedding – Lucy and Ian

I was absolutely thrilled to bits when this unique wedding popped in to my inbox! Lucy got married to Ian last year on the 27th October and they decided on a fantastic Halloween themed wedding.

One of the things that I love most about working with Brides to Be is the amazing array of ideas and the amount of individuality that comes out of the planning process. And this is definitely an individual fun filled wedding… Lucy gave us the low down on how she had her day, her way.



Tell us a little bit about how you met your fiancé and how you got engaged?

 Ian and I were introduced on Facebook by a friend and after chatting online for about five weeks we decided to meet up. It was the funniest first date that I had ever been on and we clicked instantly. I especially loved the fact that he didn't take the mickey out of me when I told him about my fear of darleks! I knew I was on to a winner! 14 months later, on my birthday, he got down on his knee and asked me to marry him… Funnily enough, I still haven’t actually said yes! My reply was “are you being serious?!”


What was your favourite part of planning your wedding?

Wedding planning can be stressful, so I decided to share out the tasks! Ian chose the venue and luckily, my best friend had recently got married and knew exactly what to do, so her help was invaluable in the planning of our wedding.



Did you have quite a tight budget to stick to and how did you make the most of it?

We started off with a £5k wedding budget but pretty soon, we started adding in all of those extras; we had balloons, pumpkins and a rock band!!! In the end our budget was about £7k, so it is totally possible to have a fabulous wedding day on a smaller budget.



What is your best money saving tip for other brides on a budget?

Make sure that you shop around and always get as many quotes as you can before deciding on a particular supplier. Where possible, try your hand at some DIY to create custom elements for your day. Also, you’ll be amazed at what you can find on eBay for half the price! Take up any offers of help from friends and family and make sure you put their talents to best use!


Who were your favourite budget wedding suppliers?

My Florist was Marion from Mals Bespoke Bouquets on Facebook she was the most lovely, friendly lady and she did everything she could to fit in with our theme - I couldn't have asked for more perfect flowers.



Did you do much DIY?

 I did as much DIY as I possibly could - even down to my wedding dress! Making elements of your wedding yourself will save you so much money. Ebay was a fantastic source of materials for me.


What did you enjoy most on your wedding day?

The whole day was amazing, getting married to the man I love and having all of our family and friends there to celebrate it with us. Finally getting to see my amazing wedding cake which one of my best friends made for us was brilliant! Also, the comments people made about how brave we were to have our wedding just how we wanted – my mother-in-law nearly had a heart attack when I told her my dress was black!!



Tell us a bit more about how your amazing Halloween wedding theme came about?

Even when I was little, I knew that I would never want the big white wedding. I was lucky enough to find a man who agreed with me. We didn't want a formal wedding, just a nice relaxed get together with all of our nearest and dearest. I knew my dress would be black, so first of all, we decided on a black and orange colour theme and then we decided to set the date as October as it would be so much cheaper out of wedding season. It all pointed towards a Halloween theme, so we just thought ‘why not?’.




What would be your best piece of advice for all of our other Budget Bride Company readers?

Don't think that just because it’s a wedding that it has to be expensive and don't give in to other peoples wishes. It's YOUR day, do it how you want.



Wow Lucy, thanks so much for sharing your very inspiring day with us and well done for doing it exactly how you wanted! Congratulations to you and Ian.

Laura xx