Five reasons you're going to love being married

Five reasons you’re going to love being married…

Five reasons you're going to love being married

Getting married is such a big thrill – the lead up to the big day is so full of excitement and anticipation and then you get the best bit: actually being a Mrs! It’s like you join a new club and your relationship with your other half is taken to a whole different level.

Here are five reasons you're going to love being married - it's all to look forward to!

Feeling oh so grown up when introducing your other half as your husband /wife. This is a wonderful moment and you will feel so proper! No more of this girlfriend/ boyfriend stuff – you have moved on!

Feeling like you’re part of a Team… When you’re married, you will truly feel like you have made your own little unit in the world. When I have asked my friends what changes when you get married, I have had responses like 'it just feels more special now' and 'it feels like us against the world'. Your marriage will be your safe haven that you can return home to every day – cherish it all you can!

Having the best decoy for unwanted chat ups in bars – flash your wedding band! Being a married lady is a great way to quickly get rid of uninvited attention 🙂

Getting to say ‘I’m Mrs…’ – again a beautifully grown up and sophisticated feeling when you introduce yourself with your new name for the first time! Plus you get a new signature and the chance to take a gorgeous new ‘married’ photo for your passport and driving license!

Married people live for longer… There has been loads of research carried out on the topic of longevity and marriage and the overwhelming conclusion is that married people live longer lives – hurrah! Is there a better reason to tie the knot?!

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Laura x

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