Real life Wedding in Cyprus: Jasmin and Russ


Real Life Cyprus Wedding on a Budget

I’m so excited to share the wedding of my beautiful friend Jasmin and her husband Russ. Jasmin and Russ decided to get married on the spur of the moment whilst on holiday in Cyprus - I love this story for the whirlwind excitement and total romance of having a Wedding planned over just a couple of days…


Tell us a little bit about how you met your fiancé and how you got engaged?

Wow! It was so long ago! I met him when I was 15 and I was head over heels; couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, all the cliché’s! We didn’t get engaged as such; at the grand old age of 30, I wanted him to be more than my boyfriend, I wanted to get married and he wasn’t so keen. I had a grown-up chat with him and we agreed that we wanted different things. It was all very amicable and we went to bed having been totally honest about the future. The next morning, my then boyfriend gave me a massive cuddle and said ‘let’s get married - not because I feel pressured or forced but because I want to get married’. It was so beautiful!

Real Life Cyprus Wedding on a Budget

What was your favourite part of planning your wedding?

It was a bit of a shotgun wedding – we decided on the Tuesday (whilst on holiday with our best mates in Cyprus) morning to get married and were married on the Friday morning – so can’t do this question justice! I suppose my favourite things were deciding on my dress and flowers.

Real Life Cyprus Wedding on a Budget

What was your wedding Budget and how did you make the most of it?

As we had no idea we were getting married, we didn’t really have a budget to work to! But we ended up spending around £3,500.


What did you enjoy most on your wedding day?

Literally every single second! I laughed from the minute I woke to the minute I went to bed. I was totally consumed by my new Hubs! Oh, and the guaranteed sun helped too!

Real Life Cyprus Wedding on a Budget

What would be your best piece of advice for all of our other Budget Bride Company readers?

Make super sure the day is about you and your future husband. As ours was an unexpected but beautiful wedding, we just had our best friends there (who we had gone to visit). I missed my family so much and will always have a small regret that they weren’t there. However, it was perfect in so many ways. Me and hubs were totally consumed with our love, the commitment we were making to one another and that is crucial. Favours, flowers, cars and cakes certainly make the day special, but don’t forget why you are there!! Where possible, create personal touches that reflect you both!


Real Life Cyprus Wedding on a Budget

Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful wedding day with us Jas! 🙂


Laura xx

Real Life Nautical Themed French Wedding – Hannah and RoRo

A Nautical themed wedding in France: Hannah and RoRo

I’m so proud and happy to be sharing this wonderful Nautical Themed French Wedding with you today 😀 One of my most lovely friends, Hannah, married her dream boy on the 3rd August last Summer in Brittany, France.

This gorgeous pair decided to marry in RoRo’s home town of Quiberon which opened up an amazing opportunity for a seaside themed wedding. After searching high and low for a venue that was going to be well suited to their bohemian style, Hannah and RoRo settled on a boat for their venue! What better way to celebrate your vows that afloat in the ocean?

A Nautical themed wedding in France: Hannah and RoRo

The total spend for this amazing nautical venue was 2,000€ and included the hire of the boat along with strawberries and champagne for the guests.

Hannah kept her budget in check by hiring a French Wedding Co-ordinator who was able to negotiate the best possible rates for the London based couple. From liaising with the caterers to setting up the venue for the reception, the Wedding Co-ordinator was definitely one of Hannah’s best money saving tips to share with other brides wanting a destination wedding sans dramas!

A Nautical themed wedding in France: Hannah and RoRo

A Nautical themed wedding in France: Hannah and RoRo

A Nautical themed wedding in France: Hannah and RoRo

Hannah made the most of her budget by choosing her feminine nautical themed bridesmaids dresses from River Island. Hannah chose her own £40 shoes from Next and wore silk flowers in her hair that she had nabbed from her Mum’s bathroom! She also tucked a photo of her Grandpa into her bouquet which was such a nice way for him to be with her on the day.

A Nautical themed wedding in France: Hannah and RoRo

A Nautical themed wedding in France: Hannah and RoRo

A Nautical themed wedding in France: Hannah and RoRo

A Nautical themed wedding in France: Hannah and RoRo

To transport the guests from the harbor over the reception venue, the couple hired this horse drawn ‘carriage’ to transport their guests for 150€.

A Nautical themed wedding in France: Hannah and RoRo

A Nautical themed wedding in France: Hannah and RoRo

 At the venue after the wedding, the room was decked with seashells and starfish for favours which cost around £1 each and hundreds of fairy lights which added a magical atmosphere for the guests.

 A Nautical themed wedding in France: Hannah and RoRo

A Nautical themed wedding in France: Hannah and RoRo

Hannah had a very specific idea for how she wanted to present her table plans and came up with this great idea! The photo frames cost around 20€ and she attached these to shutter style screens at the venue.

A Nautical themed wedding in France: Hannah and RoRo

A Nautical themed wedding in France: Hannah and RoRo

Hannah and RoRo decided to celebrate with an amazing multi leveled cheese cake. Just looking at this picture makes me hungry!

A Nautical themed wedding in France: Hannah and RoRo

Hannah and RoRo used an old fishing boat for an impromptu photo booth which the wedding party clearly loved!

A Nautical themed wedding in France: Hannah and RoRo

Congratulations to you both, you lovely pair and thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous Nautical Themed French Wedding with us 😀

Big French Love,

Laura xxx

All photos courtesy of Raymond Lin Photography

Lakeside Wedding Moodboard Inspiration

Lakeside Weddings for me conjure up ideas of Canadian clear waters and crystal clear air. Cute outdoors ceremonies with incredible views. Mr John and I went on holiday to Lake Como in Northern Italy a couple of years ago and I fell in love with the romance of being near the water. We watched a wedding party from the shore as a Bride to be was whisked away on a speed boat with a couple of her bridesmaids to her awaiting wedding on the other side of the lake. From that moment, I knew I was hooked. A wedding near water is a winner for me!

Lakeside Wedding Moodboard

A Lakeside Wedding Moodboard - Budget Bride Company on Pinterest


But aside from having a destination wedding, there are tons of places that you can marry by the water in the UK, if you want to stay closer to home! A jaunt to the States or the Lakes in Italy doesn’t have to be the only way, when you have the Lake District so much closer to home…

Todays Lakeside Wedding Moodboard has plenty of inspiration for you. Head over to the Pinterest page to check out our Lakeside wedding pictures for ideas for you to steal…

Are you going to have an interesting or unusual location for your wedding? Let us know in the Comments below, or over on our Facebook Page.


Laura xo

Keira Knightley, we salute you.


We all know that last month, the beautiful Brit that is Keira Knightley married her Beau, James Righton, in the South of France. The world seemed to be in shock that such a successful A-Lister would choose to have a low budget wedding, so we thought it would be a great time to take a moment to appreciate Keira’s special day, her way.

At The Budget Bride Company, we have always been huge fans of plenty of love and happiness with a little bit of affordable luxury on your wedding day and we think that Keira has pulled off that ethos beautifully. With just 12 guests for the ceremony and then a party for around 50 afterwards, Keira and James kept the whole wedding beautifully simple.

By choosing to wear a dress which is believed that she may have previously worn and jumping into an old Renault Clio after the ceremony, Keira clearly sent out the message to the world that her marriage to James was at the top of the agenda - not creating a PR frenzy over an extravagant ‘do’.

I think we can take some fantastic inspiration from Keira. By keeping your guest list to those you really care about and are close to, wearing a dress that you love and making the vows the main point of the day, you can have a beautiful, love filled low-key wedding.

And if it’s good enough for head of design at Channel, Karl Lagerfeld, who dubbed her wedding as ‘perfect’, then it’s good enough for us too 🙂

Congratulations Keira and James!

Laura xx

Inspiration – Weddings Abroad

I have always LOVED the notion of getting married abroad. The lure of good weather, the romance of Second getting away, the holiday / wedding / honeymoon all being rolled into one – the list of pro’s goes on. I am lucky enough to have just returned from a wedding in Zante and I wanted to share some of my thoughts with you which cheap jerseys I hope will inspire you with your budget wedding planning.


Whether you decide to have an intimate wedding or to fly out with a large party of friends and family, having a wedding abroad can be a We’re great way to stretch your wedding budget. I think it is key to find a reputable local agent in the country that you will be flying out to – you may think klijavimo at first that this will add extra cost to your wedding, but taking the following into account, they really can be worth their weight in gold:

-          Regional knowledge – they know the best locations for you to say ‘I do’. Let them know your dream – do you want a beach or a cheap jerseys balcony? A park or a cliff top? Your local agent will be able to find out if it is possible and will then make the necessary arrangements.

-          Your contact’s relationships with local suppliers can mean you save money and time. They will have established ‘go to’ companies that they use time and time again which means that you benefit from their discounts.

-          They will act as your wedding planner in your chosen destination, which means a lot less stress for you over here. As long as you have chosen an agent with a great reputation, you can really relax, knowing that they are taking care of all of the details. This way, you can focus on the fun things – dress fittings, your guests and beauty treatments prior to your flight rather than spending time worrying about transport and catering 🙂

There are a few things that you can do to make sure your guests have a great time once you arrive at your destination:

-          A welcome pack with wedding day details, some local information and things to do / restaurant recommendations really  helps people to settle in to the ‘wedding holiday’. Don’t forget to wholesale NFL jerseys include your contact Sneakers details in there for guests who may not have brought their mobile phones with them.

-          A welcome drinks party in the hotel bar on the first night really makes people feel welcome and ensures that everyone has a chance to get acquainted before the big day.

-          Staying relaxed! Part of the appeal of getting married abroad is the laid back holiday feel. Go with the flow and don’t get hung up on minor details Photographers – the likelihood is that the sun will be shining for you, so enjoy every minute of it!

So if you’re going to Vegas to be married by Elvis, or Greece for a dramatic coast side ceremony, I hope that you find your wedding abroad a brilliant way to bring your wedding in on budget. The savings that you can make by researching well and finding great value all inclusive packages can save you a fortune.

As weddings abroad cover such a vast array of options, I will be covering this topic plenty in the future! Let me know if there are any destinations that you are interested in and I will make sure that they are covered in future posts. In the meantime, congratulations to my cousin and her new husband, what an inspiring and beautiful wedding!



Laura wholesale NBA jerseys x