Sumptuous on a Saturday – Tiara’s 4 U

Welcome to our new regular posting – Sumptuous on a Saturday - where I will show off a little bit of luxury that you will be able to afford for your wedding!


The whole idea behind The Budget Bride Company is that just because you are on a budget for your wedding day, you don’t have to go bargain bucket. Now is your time to lux out and feel like the most spoiled and pampered woman on the planet – regardless of what your bank balance looks like.


So this week, we are all about the luxury headwear for your big day! I just can’t get enough of these beautiful combs, tiaras and head bands from Tiara’s 4 U. And the prices just blow me away. Have a look at some of these beauties below:


This Vintage Silver Comb is so sparkly and elegant - £20


This beautiful handmade pearl and crystal tiara is £20


This flower and leaf side tiara is so bohemian and would look wonderful with a whimsical wedding dress - £25


This crystal butterfly hair comb is £7.50 and would make a gorgeous detail in an elegant up do


This large crystal silver brooch would make an amazing addition to your dress. Pure drama for £20.


You can see more from Tiaras 4 U on their website here.


I hope that you’ve enjoyed this little bit of Sumptuous on a Saturday! I think we all deserve a little bit of lux in our lives, don’t you?

Laura xx

Supplier Spotlight – Meet Charlotte Marie Photography



I’m really pleased to introduce one of our latest Budget Bride Company Photographers to you today. Charlotte is a Dorset based Wedding Photographer whose sense of fun and style really comes across in her photography. We love how the magic of the day is truly conveyed in Charlottes photos – you can have a look for yourself below…

Let’s meet the Lady behind the Lens…

So Charlotte, tell us a little bit more about you?

I'm Charlotte, 26, Mother of a three year old Son and have lived in Dorset most of my life. I Love photography in all aspects, I love capturing moments that may otherwise pass by.

How did you get into wedding photography?

I attended a wedding of a family friend around 4 years ago and just took the time taking photos with a standard camera throughout the day. It was only once I got a few comments of people saying how much they liked them that I thought it may be something I could concentrate on for the future. I did quite a lot of free work and built up my portfolio to get me where I am today.

What is your favourite thing about being a wedding photographer?

I love being there in the moment, I love capturing the day as everyone sees it but making sure that I am part of the day as well. I feel by making myself part of the day the more natural side of people comes out and they feel comfortable enough to be normal around me. I am very honoured to have many brides tell me they forgot they had only met me once or twice and it was like having a close friend there for them all day. This to me is the most rewarding factor of the day.

What inspires you - both behind the lens and when you're not at work?

Definitely my son and my partner. Without them pushing me, I would not be as successful as I currently am. I miss out on a lot of weekends and evenings whilst being behind the camera, but with the continued support it makes it all worthwhile.

Have you got any predictions or tips for weddings in 2013?

Well 2013 is looking very busy for me already with over 20 bookings in place and some amazing venues. All I can say to any bride and grooms to be make sure you have a connection with your photographer and make sure you feel comfortable. Aside from each other you will spend the most time with your photographer.

Where is the most interesting place that you have covered a wedding?

The most interesting place has to of been Highcliffe Castle, Dorset. It is simply stunning. My most interesting wedding however was one that featured Storm Troopers and Darth Vader as guests at the church and reception.

Charlotte Marie Photography packages range from £250 for a Ceremony Only option up to £600 for the Superior Package.

To see some more of Charlotte Marie’s Photography and to read her blog, have a look at

Supplier Spotlight – Meet Jo Richards Photography

Here at The Budget Bride Company, we know exactly how important it is to choose the right photographer for your wedding day. This is the wedding supplier who you will really want to connect with; if they ‘get’ you – your humour, your vision for the day, your style - then you will be en route to getting fantastic wedding photos that truly capture the mood of the day…

I’m so pleased to be featuring a Supplier Spotlight on Jo Richards Photography today. Based in the South East, Jo is a passionate and dedicated wedding photographer whose sense of fun and attention to detail make her a big hit with couples planning their wedding days. We had ten minutes with Jo to find out a bit more about what inspires her, both in front of and behind the camera…




Can you tell us a little bit about you?

I have been photographing weddings for approximately 15 years now. I love photography, art, music and all things creative. I live in Berkshire with my husband and 2 ½ year old daughter. I recently returned from Australia, where we lived for 3 ½ years and have thoroughly enjoyed shooting English weddings again.

I also run a handmade gift company where I put my sewing skills to good use!




How did you get into wedding photography?

I graduated from art college in 1999 and trained for a year assisting on weddings with a very good friend of mine who had been in the wedding industry for a number of years. She helped me gain the confidence to go it alone and find my own style and I haven’t looked back since. I went back to do my photography degree in 2003 and it gave a whole new dimension to my wedding photography and I have learned a lot within the industry since then.


What is your favourite thing about being a wedding photographer?

Being part of someone’s special day is an amazing honour. Being taken into the inner circle of their family is wonderful and you really get to build some great relationships with your clients. They trust you implicitly and it’s a big responsibility. You must be passionate about shooting weddings to capture what it really means. The people make it all worth it!





What inspires you - both behind the lens and when you're not at work?

Nature inspires a lot of what I do creatively. Colours and textures, light and dark. Other people’s work also. I think any talent should be praised, and am always looking to others creativity to boost my enthusiasm. I do, however, think that people are the greatest inspiration for any photographic work, particularly wedding and portrait work. To be faced with a real character when shooting people is a treat. Capturing that personality on film is a huge achievement.


Have you got any predictions or tips for weddings in 2013?

The vintage vibe is still going strong and with the media encouraging us to upcycle and recycle I think that there will be more and more ‘home-made’ weddings next season with a lot of really personalized elements. I think it makes for a much more interesting and meaningful day when you have put so much heart and soul into it all.



Where is the most interesting place that you have covered a wedding?

I recently shot a wedding on a beautiful deserted beach in Noosa in Queensland, Australia. I spent 3 ½ years in Australia shooting weddings and this was absolutely magical. Not only because of the amazing setting, but because it was a friend from school who I hadn’t seen for around 18 years and the atmosphere was something really special. They had created their very own aisle on the beach and the sun shone for the service right on cue, with a downpour to follow once we were finished! Having said that, for me, you just can’t beat a truly traditional English Country Manor House or hotel.  There’s something stunning about such an imposing venue.



Jo offers a fantastic wedding photography package covering the Bride’s preparations all the way through to the wedding breakfast from £845 with a 10% discount for Budget Bride Company readers.



To find out more about Jo Richards and to have a look through her wedding photography gallery,  have a look at or call for a chat about your plans on 07710 512935.


Laura xx