How Wedding Mood Boards can help you with your Wedding Planning

Wedding Mood Boards

From speaking with lots of newly engaged brides to be, I know that the DIY element of your wedding planning can be one of the most fun parts in the run up to your wedding. Visualising your wedding and putting down your thoughts and ideas onto paper is a great way to pull your theme together. This is why I am such a fan of wedding mood boards – not only can you see what colours and themes are emerging from your magazine clippings and fabric swatches, but it’s almost like an image version of your what to buy list!

I touched on the subject of wedding mood boards last year, here is an excerpt from that post to help you get started with creating your wedding mood board…

When you get engaged, it can seem like you have a massive mountain of wedding planning to climb, but by creating your first wedding mood boards, you will hone in on that lovely feeling of creating a day that is unique to your tastes and really shows off what you and your partner are about.

Wedding planning can be stressful, I admit it, but the overriding feeling should be FUN – afterall you’re marrying the love of your life 🙂

How you create your mood boards is up to you. Do you love the digital? You may want to go down the Pinterest route, like we do. As well as having the entire internet as your playground for searching for wedding eye candy, it is incredibly easy to use, free, and can be amended and refreshed whenever you fancy. Search for exactly what you are after and create your special board to collect all of your inspiration. You can also create secret boards, if you would prefer to keep your wedding themes private, or as a surprise for your guests.

If you are more crafty, and love getting busy with glue and cardboard, then a physical mood board will be a delight for you. Catalogues, glossy magazines, product packaging and swatches of material can be collected and arranged on your board. There is something wonderfully tactile and exciting about creating a mood board that you can actually feel.

Another, less structured way of creating a mood board, is to collect all of your swatches and cut outs and keep them in a box. This means that you can play around with the items, seeing which goes well with the other and enabling you to easily take certain items to your suppliers to show them the exact colour, or feeling, that you are after.

There are really no rules, and if you feel most comfortable and inspired by creating your mood board on the fridge door, with lots of magnets – then so be it! The important thing is to have a designated place for you to collect all of your favourite snippets of style. Having a mood board (or box!) can really help you to bring all of your ideas into one place and will clearly tie together your dreams and ideas.

I’d love to hear if you have got any wedding mood boards in place yet and how it has helped you with your planning? Let us know on Facebook or on Twitter @BudgetBrideCo.

Happy Wedding Mood Boarding!

Laura x

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Lakeside Wedding Moodboard Inspiration

Lakeside Weddings for me conjure up ideas of Canadian clear waters and crystal clear air. Cute outdoors ceremonies with incredible views. Mr John and I went on holiday to Lake Como in Northern Italy a couple of years ago and I fell in love with the romance of being near the water. We watched a wedding party from the shore as a Bride to be was whisked away on a speed boat with a couple of her bridesmaids to her awaiting wedding on the other side of the lake. From that moment, I knew I was hooked. A wedding near water is a winner for me!

Lakeside Wedding Moodboard

A Lakeside Wedding Moodboard - Budget Bride Company on Pinterest


But aside from having a destination wedding, there are tons of places that you can marry by the water in the UK, if you want to stay closer to home! A jaunt to the States or the Lakes in Italy doesn’t have to be the only way, when you have the Lake District so much closer to home…

Todays Lakeside Wedding Moodboard has plenty of inspiration for you. Head over to the Pinterest page to check out our Lakeside wedding pictures for ideas for you to steal…

Are you going to have an interesting or unusual location for your wedding? Let us know in the Comments below, or over on our Facebook Page.


Laura xo

Light Green Wedding Mood Board Inspiration

Good Morning Brides to Be! I hope that you had a lovely Valentines Weekend and that you and your Beau made some time for romance!

So, onwards to this weeks Pinterest Inspiration where we are focussing on a Light Green Wedding Mood Board to help you with deciding on a colour theme for your wedding day.


Light Green Wedding Mood Board Inspiration

Budget Bride Company on Pinterest


I think that light green is such a lovely shade of a beautiful colour – it's calming, pretty and sophisticated. The understated tone makes for a lovely contrast against other colours such as pink or yellow, so it really is a joy to work with as a colour pallet for your wedding theme.

As you can see on this weeks Mood Board, there are a variety of ways that you can lace this colour through your wedding theme; stationery, bridesmaids dresses, venue décor – you have a wealth of options to feature your light green theme colour in!

So, head over to our Pinterest Page now and have a little mooch amongst some of our inspiring images. What do you think of the colour green as a wedding colour theme? Have you chosen your colour theme yet? Let us know in the Comments below, or over on our Facebook Page.

Have you been following our weekly Wedding Mood Boards? You can catch up with all of our previous ones here.

Laura xo

Castle Wedding Inspiration – Mood Board Monday

As part of our free Wedding Venue Finding Service, we do get a lot of requests from Brides to Be for us to find them a gorgeous Castle Wedding Venue for them to hold their celebrations at. And we can totally understand why! The drama of a Castle Wedding makes the perfect setting; secret rooms for kids to explore, your wedding breakfast in a banqueting hall, the list goes on…


Castle Weddings Mood Board

Budget Bride Company on Pinterest 
So today, our Mood Board Inspiration is all about Castle Weddings, we’re into the Cinderella look with plenty of candles for extra ambience! Head over to our Pinterest page now to check it out...
Have you decided on your wedding venue yet? Let us know in the Comments Box below, or join us over on Facebook!
Laura xo

Wedding Moodboard Monday – Duck egg Blue and Lace

To me, Duck Egg Blue (or Tiffany Blue as it is often called) is such a beautiful, elegant colour. And matched together with the texture and delicate elegance of lace, I think that you have a wonderful theme.

Lace can be easy to incorporate into your wedding dress, stationery and favours and Duck Egg Blue can make for a gorgeous, sophisticated splash of colour - perhaps in a cute satin belt around your waist, or in your bouquet?

Duck Egg Blue is synonymous with the famous Tiffany shade and perhaps that just adds to the allure...

Todays Wedding Moodboard is all about the Duck Egg Blue and Lace; you can head over to our Pinterest page here for the full lowdown…

Wedding Moodboard Duck Egg Blue and Lace

Budget Bride Company on Pinterest


Have you decided on your colour scheme yet? Let us know in the comments box!

Laura xo

Rustic Farm Wedding Inspiration – Mood Board Monday

I have always loved the idea of a Rustic Farm Wedding – there is something about the relaxed atmosphere that just begs for you to kick off your heels, let your hair down and have a good time! And there’s also that oh so tempting opportunity for you to sneak off with your beau behind some of those hay bales… 😉
Rustic Farm Wedding Moodboard

Rustic Wedding Mood Board on Budget Bride Company Pinterest


Todays Wedding Mood Board Inspiration is all about Rustic Farm Weddings and we’ve pulled together some lovely images for you to have a look through. It’s all about the hessian, twinkling lights and cowboy boots this week 🙂

Have you started putting together a Wedding Mood Board yet? Let us know how you’re getting on in the Comments Box below!

Laura xo


Mood Board Monday – Florals and Vintage

OK, I have a confession to make – I could literally spend all day looking at Vintage and Floral themed weddings, so this mood board has been even more of a delight for me to put together than usual!
I just love the romance of Vintage Floral – and I especially adore how easy it can be to get hold of decorations when you’re on a tight budget. Mismatched is good, home made is fab, upcycled is the order of the day. And it can be so much fun searching for all of the little elements at car boot sales, charity shops and on ebay.


Vintage and Florals Moodboard

Budget Bride Company on Pinterest 
So this weeks Mood Board is all about Vintage Floral, head on over to our Pinterest page and have a look!
Are you going to be encompassing any Vintage Floral elements into your wedding day?
Laura xo

Wedding Mood Board Monday – Manor House Wedding Style

Do you know exactly where you would like to hold the wedding of your dreamiest dreams? Country Manors and Stately Homes make an excellent choice of venue for your wedding and in the UK you really are spoiled for choice. The trick is to find a venue with the right look and feel that has a package option to suit your set wedding budget.


You will often find that you can get brilliant ‘off season’ rates and mid-week packages that make having a stately home wedding a lot more realistic. Be prepared to be flexible and make some sacrifices within other areas of your budget to enable more of a splurge on your wedding venue element of the total wedding spend. I will be talking in more detail about setting a Budget for your wedding this Thursday on the Blog, so be sure to come back and have a read through of my advice then.


Manor House Wedding Style Mood Board

Budget Bride Company on Pinterest

Our Mood Board of the week is all about Manor House Wedding Style – head over to our Pinterest Page to see all of the prettiness!

Have you got a venue style in mind for your wedding day? Let us know in the comments below!

Laura xo