Five Budget Friendly Honeymoon Ideas

Budget Honeymoon Ideas


As a massive travel fan, I always love getting down to the details of where newlyweds will be heading off on their honeymoons. This can be a massive expense though, so it’s great to know that there are loads of options for couples who want a gorgeous, romantic honeymoon to fit in with their wedding budget.

Here are five budget friendly honeymoon ideas to inspire you for your post wedding treat!

Morocco: If you want to feel like you have flown long haul and been transported to another world altogether, Morocco is a stunning choice. With super cheap flights available from the budget airlines and an incredible array of hotels to stay in, this is an exotic option if you are on a tight budget. I would highly recommend researching the riads to stay in, within the Medina in Marrakech for a touch of luxury and style for your honeymoon! You will also get to experience the mayhem of the medina before retreating to your riad haven tucked away in the labyrinth of dusty streets. I wrote about our experience in Morocco here and here  – we stayed at the Riad Camelia which was truly one of the most wonderful places I have ever stayed!

The Lake District: Quaint villages, beautiful lakes to picnic by and romantic bolt-holes to stay in – The Lake District is a brilliant destination for a budget honeymoon. It’s a lovely idea to go self-catering as the freedom to come and go as you please coupled with the option to either stay in and cook your own romantic dinners or head out to the local eateries makes for a wonderfully laid back vibe on your honeymoon. Have a look at Lake Lovers for lots of house rental ideas in The Lake District.

Turkey: If you want sun, sea and sand on a budget, Turkey remains a brilliant choice for honeymooners. The prices for all inclusive holidays remain low, even in peak season and you can get a lot of holiday for your money if what you are really after is a relax in the sun type break. The hospitality is fabulous and you will be able to eat and drink to your hearts content in lovely candle-lit restaurants lining the beach without busting your budget.

Iceland: This remains one of my most highly recommended options for a honeymoon with a difference. At just 3 hours flight from the UK, Iceland is certainly a ‘different’ destination for honeymooners. What appealed most to me was the variety of things to do – from floating in the Blue Lagoon to searching for the Northern Lights, this really feels like an adventure holiday and couldn’t be more romantic when you’re snuggled up warm in your hotel after a day exploring! Iceland Air  offer amazing packages from the UK, usually including an excursion on your break.

Cornwall: OK, so everyone knows that I am a little bit biased on this one – John and I go to Cornwall every single year in May, but I just can’t get enough of the place! Hire out a little cottage or luxurious apartment and enjoy romantic dinners in cute restauraunts, boat trips in the bracing sea air and wonderful walks along deserted beaches… What’s not to like? I always feel like I have arrived in a different country when you drive into Cornwall from Devon and I think it makes the perfect honeymoon destination if you want to keep the finances in check. Have a look at Holiday Cottages for some great self catering properties to browse through.

So where are you going to be heading off to for your Honeymoon? Join the conversation over on our Facebook page!

Happy Honeymoon booking!

Laura x


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A Moroccan Mini Moon Adventure – Part 2

So, here is the second part in our Moroccan Mini Moon Adventure feature! If you missed the first part, you can catch up on it here.

The next day was a Saturday and I had booked us in a trip to get out of the Medina and to go and see a little more of what Morocco had to offer. Our guide came and met us bright and early and led us to our private taxi which was waiting for us on the outskirts of the Medina.

Our first stop was at a Berber house in the winding roads taking us up to the Atlas Mountains. The Berber people are indigenous to the area and are highly self-sufficient. Whilst we were in the house, we were given homemade bread and honey, along with countless cups of their amazing Moroccan Tea.

After the house visit, we continued in our taxi up into the mountains. We made a little stop off to ride a couple of camels, which was quite an experience, and then carried on our way.



The aim of our trip was to climb up one of the mountains to see the Setti Fatma  Waterfalls at the top  and so as we neared the spot, our taxi pulled over and parked up. Our guide said to us ‘you ready to climb’? I nodded my head vigorously, having no idea that what lay before us was actually quite a challenging climb (well, in my books anyway!) Only wearing a pair of converse, we climbed up river beds, scrambled over boulders and jumped across from rock to rock to get us to our destination. It was a breeze for Mr John with his long legs, but for me and my five foot not much frame, it wasn’t so easy!


But we made it in the end, and after two hours of climbing the views were amazing. Check out these waterfalls!



The climb back down the mountain was much easier and it was great to climb back into the taxi to be whizzed back to the Medina!

After a lovely relax with a glass of wine on the roof terrace at the Riad, we went for dinner at an incredible French Moroccan restaurant called Le Foundouk which had been recommended by Nicolas. The ambience was incredible with the layout around an open courtyard (much like in our Riad). We had a three course feast of lamb, vegetables and couscous washed down with a beautiful bottle of wine.

On our final morning, we decided to head back out into Marrakech for a whistle-stop tour of some of the ‘must see’s’ before we headed back home. Our first stop was the Bahia Palace, which had some of the most gorgeous architecture and beautiful tiling and carvings that I have seen.





Then we headed over to the Botanical Gardens. These are a little way out of the centre and we were told that you can get a horse and carriage for a reasonable amount there and back. However, as we were short on time, we hopped in a cab and were there in ten minutes. This was a wonderful place to visit, and was a complete rest from the hustle and bustle of the Medina.

We decided to have lunch at the Gardens and this little chap thought he would join us!



We made our way back to the airport in time to catch an early evening flight back to the UK. What an incredible fun packed Mini Moon Marrakech makes! I would wholeheartedly recommend this to newlyweds in the UK, looking for a more exotic and adventurous honeymoon on a small budget.

Laura x

A Moroccan Mini Moon Adventure – Part 1

One of the most frequent questions that I am asked by brides to be, is about how to have an amazing honeymoon or mini-moon on a tight budget. As an absolute holiday addict, I have always been one for scouring for the best travel deals and love nothing more than finding a complete bargain and knowing that a dream holiday is just round the corner.


When you and your Beau start thinking about your honeymoon, it can be a bit daunting, knowing about all of the other things that you have to stretch your budget to accommodate.


The best thing to do first off is set your budget and try your absolute best to stick to it. For this Moroccan Mini Moon Adventure blog post feature, I took Mr John to Marrakech to see how much gorgeousness we could fit in on a tight budget. This was truly an incredible mini moon break away and one that I would recommend whole heartedly to any couple looking for a little bit of an adventure to start off their married life together.

Here’s how we got on!


Actual amounts spent

Flights: £119 each

Parking at the airport: £14 each

Riad: £165 each

Total Spent: £298 per person (plus spending money for food and fun!)


After landing into Marrakech on our Ryanair flights from Stansted, we jumped into a taxi and made the twenty minute journey across to the Medina where our Riad was situated. Less than four hours flight from the UK and we were completely blown away by how utterly different everything was. We may as well have been on the other side of the world. Looking to our left we could see the rubbly desert stretching off into the distance and to our right, the sandy coloured old walls of the Medina.

Our taxi dropped us off as close as it could get us to Riad Camilia where our host, Nicolas, came to meet us and show us the way through the labyrinth of streets to where we would be calling home for the next few days.

Nicolas was such a pleasure to meet – the perfect host, asking us questions about our journey and showing us sights as we made our way to the Riad. The streets were dusty and zigzagging as well as being so narrow that you could barely fit three people across widthways. We shared our short walk with stray cats, moped riders peeping their horns and all manner of vendors trying to sell us treats from carpets and lanterns through to fruit and meat.

Arriving in front of a small alleyway, Nicolas asked us to mind our heads on the low overhanging ceiling and to follow him. At the end of the dark alleyway, Nicolas clunked a couple of locks and then opened his doors onto what I can only describe as an oasis of calm and beauty. A marble floor lined with carpets led to an open courtyard atrium, where all of the bedrooms could be accessed.






We were incredibly lucky as, due to a couple cancelling late notice, Nicolas was sweet enough to give us a free upgrade to our bedroom. Huge wooden doors opened into a high ceilinged room with our own private courtyard (complete with huge banana palm) and bathroom with steps down into a huge open his and hers shower. This was truly luxury and after our short haul flight and small walk through the medina, the tranquillity that settled over us as we settled in at the Riad was quite amazing.




But as well as feeling calm, we wanted to explore! Riads in Marrakech are often set out around a central courtyard area, with the opportunity to relax in the centre of the building whilst looking up the sky. Riad Camilia had a gorgeous dip pool on the ground floor and after exploring a little more and making our way up a winding stone staircase, we found ourselves up on the roof terrace. A haven of palms, herbs and flowers, the terrace has been carefully designed to make you feel as comfortable as possible with cushioned seating areas, little dipping pools to jump in when the sun gets too hot and huge parasols to relax beneath.





Looking out across the city, you can see the Atlas Mountains stretching off into the distance and then a panoramic view 360 degrees around you, so that you can see all of the rooftops of the medina around you. Nicolas informed us that breakfast would be served up on the roof terrace each morning - breakfast up there sounded just fab to us!


As it was already late, we decided to take dinner at the Riad. Nicolas and his team had prepared us a beautiful dinner table down in the dining room beside a roaring open hearth fire. As soon as we walked into the room, we could smell the delicious spices from the cooking and knew that it was going to be a really yummy dinner!


Sitting on the low cushioned chairs, we were brought an array of dishes – from flatbreads with chutneys and dips through to a delicious chicken tagine. Moroccan cuisine was everything that we had hoped it would be; fresh, fragrant and super tasty! As we were inside a private dwelling in the Medina, we were able to drink wine with our dinner – it’s worth bearing in mind that a lot of restaurants and the shops within the medina will not serve alcohol as the Medina is the most religious part of the city.

Our desert was freshly sliced orange sprinkled with rosewater and cinnamon. The entire dinner was such a treat and we headed off to bed very sleepy and happily full.


The next morning, we awoke early, ready to head out and explore the Medina. It is important to respect the local customs and so I covered up my arms, legs and chest with a comfy pair of linen trousers, long sleeved t-shirt and a light cotton scarf.


We headed straight into the middle of action and made our way into the Souks. This was such a fantastic experience of finding your way down the tiny streets and seeing shops selling spices through to tiny little turtles and lizards.



The souks are an incredible experience and it is very worthwhile spending a good half a day wandering through the maze of shops to see what it is on offer.




Come the afternoon, after browsing the souks to our hearts content, we went for an invigorating couples Hammam massage at Le Bain Bleu (which had been recommended to us by Nicolas). Mr John was understandably wary (having never been for a massage before) but I convinced him that it would be a great experience and in we went.

After walking into a marble lined steam room, scattered with rose petals, we were scrubbed and massaged with salts and rinsed with cool water. We then relaxed in a giant bath (which seemed like more of a mini swimming pool to me) before being taken off into a candle lit room for a his and hers massage.



We emerged after the Hammam massage feeling like new people! Mr John’s skin looked bright and revitalised and I felt completely relaxed and pampered – as well as having the softest skin I have had in years!

That night, we had dinner on a roof terrace on the other side of town, swapping my usual large glass of red wine for a bottle of Orangina.



It had been a great first full day in Morocco. And despite the fact that we had walked a long way through the souks, the Hammam massage meant that we felt relaxed and ready to have a good sleep so that we were ready for the next day’s adventures…


Keep an eye on the Blog for Part Two of this Mini Moon feature coming up soon!


Have you booked your minimoon yet? Have a look at easyJet Holidays for some fantastic deals to Marrakech as well as tonnes of other minimoon and honeymoon detinations here.

Laura x

Sumptuous on Saturday – Boutique and Breakfast

Well hello March! I’m jumping around with overjoyed excitement that Spring is really here and that we can start looking forward to longer days, bluebells and daffodils, and maybe – just maybe - a little bit of warmth in the sun?!


Today’s Sumptuous on Saturday is to get you thinking SPRING! Will you be getting married this season? I have always loved Spring weddings and those held around Easter – it’s such a joyful time of year and a lovely time to get married in the UK.


So it’s time to get Sumptuous and start thinking about a romantic getaway after your wedding – just the two of you. What do you think to this little bit of lux for your mini-moon?


Boutique and Breakfast have an excellent collection of boutique luxury bed and breakfasts throughout the UK. You can head to a romantic hideaway with your newlywed and have a couple of days of complete luxury for a fraction of the price of a full blow honeymoon abroad. Have a look at their brilliant Special Offers Page  for some great deals. You could be spending your mini-moon in one of these…



Villa Magdala in Bath


Thermae Spa Break at Brooks Guesthouse, Bath


 Fynnon, Snowdonia

Hope that you’ve enjoyed this little bit of Sumptuous on a Saturday! Happy mini-moon booking!

Laura xx

Brighton Wedding Inspiration

Brighton has long been one of my favourite places to visit. From my first ever mini break away at the age of 18 (we signed our names as Mr and Mrs Smith in the guest book!) through to making a habit of visiting at least once a year these days, there is something about the atmosphere, amazing shops and friendly people that I just LOVE!

So, in search of some bohemian wedding inspiration, Team Budget Bride Company made their way down to the South Coast for a few days of beach side fun!

What trip to Brighton wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Choccywoccydoodah?! This chocolate wonderland hosts some of the most incredible cake designs we have ever seen… Whilst some of the designs come in a lot pricier (what I wouldn’t give for the Las Vegas wedding cake!), you can have a Choccywoccydoodah designer wedding cake – such as this stunning orchid creation  to feed 40 guests for £199. Hurrah!


And here’s a couple of the creations we saw on our visit to the shop…






We loved wandering through The Lanes , spending our afternoons gazing at the beautiful unique engagement rings in the antique jewellery shop windows. There are more wonderful designs than you can shake a stick at - my favourites are definitely the ones including a sapphire!


And look at these beautiful white roses that got caught in an afternoon downpour!



We fell in love with the cakes at Cloud 9 – they have some great designs from £150, and the staff are so friendly!


We had a fantastic visit to Snoopers Paradise  – perfect for retro styled weddings, with plenty of vintage crockery, jewellery and even copies of Vogue from back in the early 90’s for some classic fashion inspiration. The place is enormous and you can easily spend a couple of hours snooping through the treasures!



We had a great day on The Pier on New Years Day. With a clear blue sky and warm sun, it was easy to see why it might be an idea to say ‘I Do’ there! This would make an incredibly fun and different wedding venue – just think of the photo opportunities!


Brighton is such a fantastic place; whether you are using wedding suppliers from here, holding your wedding here, or both - you will truly be spoiled for choice. Brighton – we love you!




Laura xx

Boutique and Breakfast – the new route to mini moon success!

I remember a time, not so long ago, when it was absolutely the done thing to wing your way off to extremely tropical destinations for your honeymoon. The most common response when asking where a honeymoon was going to be spent, seemed to be ‘Mauritius for a couple of weeks’ or ‘Sri Lanka followed by a week in a beach bungalow in the Maldives’. And while this lust for a paradise location for your honeymoon can be overwhelming, the thought of a gorgeous mini moon bolt hole to run away to with your newly betrothed certainly appeals to us here at The Budget Bride Company! The romance lies with getting away with your new husband and not necessarily having to take out a £10k loan to do it. The mini moon boom is on and with beautiful locations to get away to in the UK for a snip of the price of an overseas trip; it’s a great time to look into the options available to you.

We caught up with Lucy of Boutique and Breakfast - - an online guide to the finest, boutique-style bed and breakfast accommodation in the UK and she explains why B&Bs can make great honeymoon destinations and even wedding venues...


“The good old-fashioned British B&B is something of an institution, but they’ve come a long way since the days of dodgy decor, badly-cooked breakfasts and shared bathrooms. The best 21st century B&Bs have stylish decor, sumptuous fittings and fixtures, luxurious finishing touches and fabulous food rivalling anything that a boutique hotel could offer. They tend to have an air of exclusivity and a more personalised level of customer service than larger hotels. That’s why a stay at a boutique bed and breakfast makes a great option for newly-weds looking for peace, quiet and privacy, not to mention a little pampering and luxury. Boutique B&Bs are also a much more affordable honeymoon option, which is a major consideration in these credit crunchy times, when more and more couples are opting to spend their honeymoons in the UK”.

“At Boutique and Breakfast, you’ll find a carefully hand-picked selection of bed and breakfasts, guest houses and restaurants with rooms. Scattered the length and breadth of the UK, they offer such a high standard of accommodation that you may find that you struggle to leave the comfort of your room. Four poster beds; huge, free-standing baths; swimming pools; saunas; Jacuzzis; spa and beauty treatments; and evening meals made with the finest, locally-sourced ingredients are just some of the extras provided by properties featured on the Boutique and Breakfast website”.

“As well as being able to search by geographical location, we’ve also categorised our B&BS according to the style of the property and their decor. This means that, if you want to make like a heroine in a Bronte novel and tuck yourself away in a romantic Georgian house surrounded by rugged Yorkshire moorland just a stone’s throw from where the famous literary sisters were brought up, you can!”

“If you’d prefer to lounge by the pool at a super-glamorous, coastal retreat that wouldn’t look out of place in a Bond film, we can fix that for you too!”


“The options are endless and the very best British B&Bs offer a truly unique and memorable honeymoon experience. Whether you’d prefer a sleek, modern city pad full of whizzy gadgets and with plenty of bars, restaurants and attractions on your doorstep; a rustic, rural retreat where you can snuggle up by an open fire and won’t bump into another soul; or a stylish, contemporary take on the traditional seaside guesthouse, there’s a boutique-style B&B out there that’s just perfect for you and your new spouse.”

“Some of our featured properties are even licensed to hold wedding ceremonies and can host your reception too. They make a great option for those planning an intimate and relaxed wedding with a handful of close family and friends. We have a range of stunning wedding venues for you to choose from, including a windmill by the sea and award-winning restaurants with rooms. Simply select the ‘Wedding venue’ and ‘Licensed to hold civil weddings’ options on the advanced search box to find inspiration for your special day.”

Thanks so much Lucy and good luck to all you brides to be with finding your ideal mini moon! Let us know where you choose to go…

Laura x