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Minimoon or Honeymoon plus the Night of The Wedding

£2.50 - Instant Download

This Bite Size Wedding Planning Package will help you to figure out what you want from your Minimoon or Honeymoon. It is perfect for you if you are planning your wedding and need some extra guidance on booking the right kind of holiday and accommodation for the night of the wedding. This helpful package will guide you through:

Whether a minimoon or a honeymoon (or both!) will be best for you

A guide to all of the things to think about when making a booking

This package will clarify what needs to be done and how to work these elements into your wedding planning. It is a highly personalised approach, as I know that each and every wedding is completely unique.

What you will receive:

Advice, action points and guidance from Laura Sack, your Wedding Planner with over ten years of experience

A Honeymoon planning Checklist

Special bonus: Access to the private Wedding Planning Community Facebook Group for support from other Brides and advice and guidance from Laura Sack, Wedding Planner.

Your Minimoon or Honeymoon and Night of The Wedding Planning Package will be emailed straight out to you once your payment has been completed.

This Package is an excerpt from How to Plan a Wedding 6 Week Programme for Brides

         £2.50 - Instant Download