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Supplier Spotlight – Meet James Grist

  The Budget Bride Company is very pleased to introduce one of our new Photographers – James Off! Grist. I first found out about James’ work on a blog where he was showcasing a budget wedding that he had covered. I was impressed by the dedication that he showed to achieving the – couple’s ideals […]

Elderflower Champagne – A wedding toast alternative

  The idea of creating your own home made champagne from something that might be growing in your garden is something that really appeals to me. Not only will you have taken the time to create something that your friends and family can drink and enjoy at wholesale mlb jerseys your engagement party or wedding, […]

Inspiration – Weddings Abroad

I have always LOVED the notion of getting married abroad. The lure of good weather, the romance of Second getting away, the holiday / wedding / honeymoon all being rolled into one – the list of pro’s goes on. I am lucky enough to have just returned from a wedding in Zante and I wanted […]

We’re Off!

I’m absolutely thrilled to be able to sit here and write my first post on The Budget Bride Company blog. As an avid fan of all things wedding and all things value for money, I’m going to Amazing really enjoy writing about what inspires me most and hopefully what will inspire you too for your […]