And a Silver Sixpence in her Shoe…

And so we come to the last section in our series on this tradition of Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue. It is the part that is usually dropped from the end of the rhyme, but nonetheless it is still something worth giving a nod to on your wedding day! The thought of having a silver sixpence in your shoe may seem like a slightly odd idea, but traditionally was a symbol for future wealth and prosperity; so we say go for it!!

We absolutely love this little keepsake pin, it not only has a silver sixpence but also encompasses all of the other elements of the rhyme for good luck. You can pin it to the inside of your dress or handbag or perhaps even pin it to a ribbon round your waist if your wedding dress has one. This lovely accessory is £25 from Betty’s Glamour Box on



As an alternative to placing the lucky sixpence in your shoe, how about wearing one on a specially made anklet instead? This one is £18.99 from The Lucky Sixpence Company



You could try customising a pair of heels to include the silver sixpence. You can buy the coin from online stores such as from around £20 upwards. Then by working out your own design, you can incorporate the coin into the detailing on your shoe, or even superglue it the sole.


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If you want to follow the tradition completely, then you should get a silver sixpence and place it under your foot in your left shoe.
The Royal Mint sells the coins in presentation boxes for £30 that you can order online here.


Whichever elements of the tradition you decide to follow, we wish you the very best of luck on your wedding day and in your new married lives together!

Laura x