A Moroccan Mini Moon Adventure – Part 2

So, here is the second part in our Moroccan Mini Moon Adventure feature! If you missed the first part, you can catch up on it here.

The next day was a Saturday and I had booked us in a trip to get out of the Medina and to go and see a little more of what Morocco had to offer. Our guide came and met us bright and early and led us to our private taxi which was waiting for us on the outskirts of the Medina.

Our first stop was at a Berber house in the winding roads taking us up to the Atlas Mountains. The Berber people are indigenous to the area and are highly self-sufficient. Whilst we were in the house, we were given homemade bread and honey, along with countless cups of their amazing Moroccan Tea.

After the house visit, we continued in our taxi up into the mountains. We made a little stop off to ride a couple of camels, which was quite an experience, and then carried on our way.



The aim of our trip was to climb up one of the mountains to see the Setti Fatma  Waterfalls at the top  and so as we neared the spot, our taxi pulled over and parked up. Our guide said to us ‘you ready to climb’? I nodded my head vigorously, having no idea that what lay before us was actually quite a challenging climb (well, in my books anyway!) Only wearing a pair of converse, we climbed up river beds, scrambled over boulders and jumped across from rock to rock to get us to our destination. It was a breeze for Mr John with his long legs, but for me and my five foot not much frame, it wasn’t so easy!


But we made it in the end, and after two hours of climbing the views were amazing. Check out these waterfalls!



The climb back down the mountain was much easier and it was great to climb back into the taxi to be whizzed back to the Medina!

After a lovely relax with a glass of wine on the roof terrace at the Riad, we went for dinner at an incredible French Moroccan restaurant called Le Foundouk which had been recommended by Nicolas. The ambience was incredible with the layout around an open courtyard (much like in our Riad). We had a three course feast of lamb, vegetables and couscous washed down with a beautiful bottle of wine.

On our final morning, we decided to head back out into Marrakech for a whistle-stop tour of some of the ‘must see’s’ before we headed back home. Our first stop was the Bahia Palace, which had some of the most gorgeous architecture and beautiful tiling and carvings that I have seen.





Then we headed over to the Botanical Gardens. These are a little way out of the centre and we were told that you can get a horse and carriage for a reasonable amount there and back. However, as we were short on time, we hopped in a cab and were there in ten minutes. This was a wonderful place to visit, and was a complete rest from the hustle and bustle of the Medina.

We decided to have lunch at the Gardens and this little chap thought he would join us!



We made our way back to the airport in time to catch an early evening flight back to the UK. What an incredible fun packed Mini Moon Marrakech makes! I would wholeheartedly recommend this to newlyweds in the UK, looking for a more exotic and adventurous honeymoon on a small budget.

Laura x